A Sock It to Me Story

This entry is posted here on behalf of Kelly, who doesn't have a blog of her own but is an avid supporter of other bloggers. I loved that IFers who don't usually write opened up to participate in Sock It to Me Week. With out further ado, here are words from the loveable Kelly:

A Sock it to Me Story
socks came to me from Erica at Parenthood for Me.  Erica writes in her
Sock it to Me post that she "wish[es] [she] had been a little more
creative for [her] sock buddy …", but I like what she sent me.  Sure,
they're not flashy ninja socks like the ones she got from Debby, or
even the ballet slipper socks
Moxie received from Jess, but that's the point of these great socks.  Fun
socks are fun … and I do like them … (I even have a Longaberger
Corn Basket filled with socks of all kinds … my DH thinks I'm crazy,
but we all love socks, right?), but my sock it to me socks from Erica
hold more meaning for me.  They're everyday socks … they're working
socks … they're there through the good days, the bad days, and all
those days in between.  They represent the IF community I've found in
the Internet … there in the good, the bad, and everything in
between.  I don't need a special reason to "delurk" (which isn't often)
and I'm not ready to start my own blog (I think I'm afraid my RL
friends will find it and that's too hard to face … honestly, I don't
know how some of you do it), but through all of  the blog community, I
know I have people I can count on.
So, how did I find you amazing people?
and I met late in our lives and it's a first marriage for both of us. 
Knowing my maternal age was classified as "old" (don't you just love
being told you're old … when you're still in your 30s?), we started
TTC as soon as we returned from our honeymoon … and then got pregnant
… in less than a month … who knew?  At 5 weeks, I started cramping
in the middle of the night … I cried through the night and told DH
through tears we needed to go to the hospital about 7 am.  The ER docs
weren't sure it was a miscarriage (ultrasound inconclusive, cervix
still closed, Hcg still elevated), so they labeled it a "threatened
miscarriage" and sent me home until I could see the OB during the
week.  I spent the next week between tears and the bathroom … it was
the hardest thing … ever. and I have a number of past medical
problems.  Tried on our own for 3 more months and then started IF
treatments … multiple IUIs, one failed IVF, and we're no further
towards building our family … and now I'm 2 years older … and also
classified as a "poor responder" … I hate labels, especially the ones
that hurt so bad like "poor responder" … WTH does that really mean? 
So, at this point, we're off to investigate domestic adoption … only
problem is we haven't been married long enough for most of the programs
to talk to us … we have to seek a variance … the hurt and pain just
keeps growing.
God for my friends in IF blog land … without ya'll, the  past 18
months would have been even harder.  I know that when I read your
words, they could be mine.  Keep the faith … 'cause Faith and all
ya'll are what get me through these impossible times.  And Erica …
thanks for the socks … I'll be putting them to work again soon.

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  1. Thanks for posting this for Kelly, Moxie. I’m glad you have found a group here to support you and I hope you find a beautiful end to your journey through IF>

  2. Thank you Moxie! Kelly, please don’t be afraid to blog. Like Smiling said, you can be as anonymous as you want to be. I’m so glad you liked your socks. Erica is an amazing woman, that’s for sure. Good luck, you’ve got a lot of people rooting for ya1

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