Sock It to Me Conclusion and Egg Fight 2009

I wanted to conclude Sock It to Me Week with a personal message from me to all of you, so I chose to close with my first video blog post.

Several of you have also been looking forward to this year’s Egg Fight. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can check out last year’s Egg Fight post and video here.

Did I fare any better this year? Watch the video below for a bit of bloggy love and for clips from Egg Fight 2009.

If you haven’t already, spend some time reading through the Sockeroo, which is the list of Sock It to Me posts by bloggers from across the Adoption, Loss, and Infertility community.

Love, peace, and hair grease, my good peeps of the ‘net!

38 thoughts on “Sock It to Me Conclusion and Egg Fight 2009”

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    Your reaction was priceless!!!! I didn’t know you could bend that way!
    You literally rocked my socks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s all because of you, Heather. I’m convinced! I’ve NEVER won, not in the 14 years that my mom has been holding these Egg Fights. We’ve always had the typical egg hunts, but when she switched it and threw in the money I’ve never won more than a few bucks. Now I get your socks and I win ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you think it would be gross if I never took these socks off? ๐Ÿ™‚ Love ya!

  3. As long as you wear them in the shower I don’t see a problem! They will get clean, after all.
    Love Ya Too!

  4. Go, Moxie and her Smart Chicks Socks! Just think how many pairs of socks you can buy with that$100! I love, love, love your Mom’s Easter egg hunt ideas. She is so creative! I’m totally stealing that idea for when we have kids.
    Happy Easter and Hugs Galore!

  5. That’s great–I love the way your mom does the hunt! Congrat’s on scoring in the egg hunt–I hope this means good things are to come on your NEXT egg hunt, too!

  6. Frank said, “I’m your sexy man.” As in MY sexy man, cuz that’s what I call him. He said he’s flattered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Perhaps this could become the sisterhood of the traveling socks!
    Congrats on winning the big bucks!!!! No wonder you were running like a crazy woman when we had our egg hunt at work! You have lots of practice.

  8. The egg hunt at work was just for the teachers and it was held about 20 minutes before the students were allowed into the building in the morning. I did shove the hell out of a few teachers and slammed a couple into some walls, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Fat lot of good all that crazy running did at work! I got three pieces of gum and some crusty jelly beans. At least Carrie got a jeans day pass!

  10. So much greatness in that video:
    *Frank’s greeting caught me off guard and cracked me up.
    *Congrats on finally cashing in big at the egg fight.
    *Your mom is awesome! It’s like Easter Egg Hunt meets MXC meets Let’s Make a Deal.
    *Your reaction was perfect (including the part where Kaelyn wants to get in on the action and shoves her hand down your shirt).
    *The pictures of your cinco are adorable!

  11. Carrie was running like a madwoman too. I didn’t get anything but a few pieces of candy either. I gave it to one of our paras at work. I don’t eat candy, unless it is chocolate and then I will fight you for it.

  12. This is Leanne1972 from SMO. Congrats on winning the 2009 Easter Egg Hunt. I was just wondering this morning who it was that posted an awsome video on their blog last year at Easter. I remember thinking what wonderful family that was. Then tonight in the chitchat forum I found out it was you! So glad I found your blog again.
    TSx1 baby girl born February 4, 2009

  13. GIRL…..that was hilarious at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw, i suck…please send your address again and give me the deadline for the meds…and please lie and make it an undetermined number of days PRIOR TO the actual need-by date!!!

  14. what an awesome video! I remembered last year’s video and was hoping you’d get something good this year! go kym. and frank too. how fun!

  15. Loved, loved, loved the video!!! Thanks for sharing it. And your family is absolutely precious. I especially enjoyed the pic of your lil’ ones making their tough guy/girl faces. Super cute! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My egg retrieval is set for this Wednesday. Socks will be worn. Keep your fingers crossed please!

  16. Congrats on the win!!! The socks DID work, I would wear them everyday :). The kids are too cute!

  17. Very cool! Hope you had a great Easter! (Do you mind if for real I had some questions regarding our surrogacy stuff with my friend if I emailed you? ((hugs))

  18. Lovin hearing Frank as well! Please count me in for the fall Sock it to me…I missed this one and want to be a part of the next!

  19. omg. Seriously. I can NEVER again watch a video of yours while I’m at work. People around me think I’m fucking nuts. That was awesome.
    I’m ~so~ coming to visit you. And I’m not kidding. I’m going to visit Pam too. And you. Not Eden though, cause I am still too bitter against australia.

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