Gold star for my uterus

For once, my uterus wasn't two steps behind and was actually ahead of the game. I haven't started my period because my lining is already super-thin, measuring barely 2mm. My ovaries were quiet and were surprisingly relatively normal in appearance, given my PCOS.

I even lucked out and didn't have the pleasure of having Dr. DeadFish's hands up my hooha; his nurse practitioner (who is a sweetheart) did my ultrasound.

A few hours later, Chyrl, our nurse from the main clinic, called to say that all looked good and that because my lining was so thin, I didn't need to have a period and that I was cleared to drop the demon piss down to 5 units and begin Vivelle patches and estrace today. Score one for me.

This afternoon, my mom is kidnapping el Cinco for a couple of days away. A trip to Jacksonville, the zoo, a hotel with a huge indoor pool, and Dave & Buster's is on the itenerary. While the children are away, the adults will play. Chance and Apollo are coming over later today. On our itenerary is grilling steaks and chicken, an air mattress in the living room, and tons of blankets and pillows. Heads out of the gutter, people. We're going to rent some oldie but goodie movies and load up on popcorn and candy for a movie night. Hey – it's as good of a distraction as any.

Tomorrow morning Frank and I are going to me the rest of the family in Jacksonville for the zoo trip, then we're going to return home to squeeze out a day for just the two of us.

That's what I call a good weekend. Good family. Good friends. Good husband. Good uterus.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

24 thoughts on “Gold star for my uterus”

  1. my weekend is slammed packed: 4 photo sessions and a wedding.
    Hope you enjoy your movies…. which movies are on the play list??

  2. YAY UTERUS! Have a great time on your trip! Say hi to the monkeys for me, they are my fav. part of any zoo!

  3. Awwwww….man. I wish I could drive down for the movie night grill…sounds NICE. My plan? Clean the house (badly needed), do the laundry (badly needed), do some yard work (yep, you guessed it, badly needed).

  4. Between bouts of falling asleep and lying on the couch, we’re hanging out with friends (including two very pregnant women). My task: try to hide my expanding belly so that we can keep our secret a few weeks longer. DH suggested loose clothes, but it’s tailored all the way for me.

  5. Wow, sounds like you’ve hit a good streak indeed! Behaving uterus, happy kids, fun weekend! Nice, nice, nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. sounds good…and there’s alot of luck floating out there…
    this weekend: paige’s mega tattoo is gonna be finished tomorrow, just minus the rest of the half-sleeve. FINALLY. after that, marc and i will be treated to dinner and tons of specialty tequilas at bobby flay’s place in nyc, kids will be sleeping over at my sister’s. sunday is marc’s b-day, so lobster and crab and anything else i can get into my gullet for an early dinner with the kids. sounds good, doesn’t it?!? you just so happened to ask before the right weekend. otherwise? it sounds something like this: YOU’RE LOOKING AT IT.

  7. Didn’t you know I was coming to your house for dinner? Hehe
    Seriously, glad to hear the good news about your ute.
    And, I plan to do as little as possible this weekend.

  8. Yay ute! We hit KoreaTown today (it’s Saturday night already!) and had some yummy Korean food. Tomorrow is a birthday party for my nephew – small family only deal. We’re expecting summer-like temperatures and we’re going to eat cake. I couldn’t be much more excited!!

  9. Catching up as per usual! I will be crossing my fingers for your cycle! Good Luck.
    I was reading your amazing story about Baby M… you are such an amazing woman!
    Take care and good luck!

  10. That sounds like one heck of a great weekend! I hope that it went well, and yay for good food and a good uterus! (Could your uterus teach my uterus some good uteri etiquette?) One of my favorite things is getting movies to watch in with lots of good junk food or take out and just crashing in. Sounds like a perfect evening. As for our weekend…well I worked but it was a pretty gosh darn good weekend if I had to spend it in the OR. Plus as a double bonus I was on call from Sunday to Monday morning and didn’t get called in! Yay for great weekends!

  11. It sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend: I’m so jealous of the zoo trip. I haven’t been to a zoo in probably 15 years.

  12. From ICLW:
    Don’t you just LOVE the stay-in breaks when the kids are elsewhere? I mean holidays are great but there is something intensely decadent about being at home with no responsibilities ๐Ÿ™‚

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