You smart cookies, you!

Can I just say that in the last post, you guys have been cracking Frank and me the heck up? You guys are brilliant and hi-freakin'-larious. From the comments that have been posted so far, there are a few cookie names and cookie variety suggestions that Frank has absolutely fallen in love with and will most certainly play around with. There is also a big winner for the bakery name. The winners are….






…..not going to be announced for a few more days. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I know — I suck. We have the bakery name solidified and my surro-friend Kimmy is working up a graphic, but I want to leave some more time open for cookie name and variety suggestions. You guys are rockin' with the suggestions, and I don't want to squelch anyone's creative energies by announcing winners too early.

Question — now that there are so many "Naughty" cookie suggestions, Frank is thinking of dropping the basic "Nice" cookies and going with only the premium, can't-get-anywhere-else varieties (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, click that link up there at the top of this post to get caught up). What do you think?

Chance has her baseline ultrasound tomorrow and also starts Lupron. She starts stims on Sunday.

Distraction by cookie is a good thing.

22 thoughts on “You smart cookies, you!”

  1. If we could get the Back to the Future Delorean where/when would you like me to take you?!

  2. Do you need any plutonium? I have a special deal going with the Israelis right now. Hmm…where would I go back to? I’ll have to think on that one for a bit.

  3. Oooh, love the tagline “where size matters.”
    I can’t wait for the unveiling of the name! AND WILL THERE BE PICS OF THE COOKIES? WHEN??
    GL to Chance and you, too!! GOOOO ovaries go! πŸ™‚

  4. I tried and tried to come up with a clever bakery name and just couldn’t do it, so I’m glad that you’ve got a name selected so I can put it out of my mind (it’s been very distracting).
    Here are my cookie name suggestions:
    Four Play (a cookie with four distinct ingredients)
    Spice It Up
    Pillow Talk (can you put marshmallows in a cookie?)

  5. Pillow Talk
    MMMMMM marshmallow cookie!!!! Might be hard to ship in the summer so maybe a coca and marshmallow wintertime treat? I’ll take a dz.
    Spice It Up- Spiced Pumpkin Bread or cookie maybe. I’ll take 2 dz.!
    Don’t mind me, I suck at recipes!

  6. There will be pics of the cookies, but not until he starts perfecting his older recipes and experimenting with a few of the new ones that have been suggested within the past couple of days. The pics that *I* take for this blog will be crusty, as I have little to no photography skills. The pics for the Etsy shop will be taken by Apollo, who is a damned fine photographer with a camera that costs more than my left leg.
    Pictures will come within the next couple of weeks once he gets back to tinkering in the kitchen. Right now, Frank’s scribbling notes and making ingredient lists.

  7. Make sure to wear a bullet proof vest at all times. I do need some banana peels and coffee grounds or we’ll never make it to 85 mph!

  8. I think you need to have the nice cookies to contrast with the AWESOMENESS of the naughty cookies. People will come look and will think, “Hmm, I could get a plain old snickerdoodle or…I could get me a Menage a Tros!” (I know which one I would buy!)

  9. Can we vote on the names? I’m for “Between the Sheets” and “Sugah Daddy.”
    Possible products: homemade oreos; call ’em “The Big O”; anything with chocolate and caramel could be marketed as “Better than Sex.”
    Can’t wait to see what transpires here . . . . Oh, and much anxious anticipation with everything else going on. Thank goodness for distractions, indeed.

  10. I thought that was freaking hilarious that you didn’t post the name but had all the lines there. Oh course I thought my computer was having problems loading until I scrolled farther down. I’m a loser. Wishing Frank good luck with the cookie shop.
    Happy ICLW.

  11. I cannot stop thinking about Frank’s cookies!! I mean I know you all are embarking on a big potentially life changing course of action (btw: good luck on this cycle!) but seriously? It’s all about me and the cookies at the moment. I can’t focus on anything else!
    Can he make a margarita-flavored cookie? All that lime and sugar and salt could be tasty – no idea what you’d call it.
    Also, how about a “Roll in the Hay” cookie? Only the “hay” would have to be something like toasted coconut unless you think there may be a market for hay-flavored cookies πŸ˜‰
    Argh. And now I have Alec Baldwin’s sketch from SNL in my head “No one can resist my schwetty balls.” Must go do something productive!!!

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