A couple of days ago, our beloved niobe wrote an interesting post and invitation to participate, which I am going to shamelessly copy here because 1) she said everything I would have, 2) she writes better than I do, and 3) I’m too lazy to summarize in my own words, anyway:

Piet Mondrian is one of those iconic modern artists, with instantly
recognizable compositions consisting of grids of dark lines enclosing
fields of white and eye-catching primary colors. A complicated
theoretical apparatus underlies these paintings, involving evolution
towards higher planes of being and seeing and the quest for an art more
real than reality itself. Mondrian took this all very seriously, so
much so that when his friend and collaborator, Theo van Doesburg,
introduced diagonal linesinto his compositions, Mondrian reportedly never forgave him.
picture above, however, isn’t actually a Mondrian. In fact, it’s
supposed to be a picture of, well, me. And, oddly enough, I think it
pretty much captures my physical and spiritual essence. If you’d like
to create your very own personal modern art masterpiece, just go to
this this site,
answer a few basic questions about yourself and voilà! the portrait of
you that Mondrian probably would have painted if only he’d had the

Though I copied niobe’s words, the picture above is mine, and yes — I absolutely do feel like this picture has somehow managed to capture the essence of me. My first thought was that this picture is a perfect abstract representation of Frank and me. We’re glued-at-the-hip close and the vertical brown and red bars seem accurately proportionate to the height difference between him and me.

My second thought — the one that stole my breath — was that it also mirrors my most dominant insecurity; the feeling that no matter how hard I might strive and reach, I never quite seem to measure up.

Be sure to visit niobe’s post to see links to others’ Mondrians.

11 thoughts on “Abstract”

  1. I’m so emotional this weekend and you made me cry…again! I love your representation of your picture. Have a GREAT Sunday!

  2. I did mine but I am not deep enough to interpret it.
    You amaze me so much. I love your interpretation. So raw and honest. *hugs*

  3. I did mine, and my first reaction to my portrait was a very dark and deep reaction. Yours is amazing!
    How are things with you? I’m sorry I haven’t really kept up with blogs lately. I hope all’s well with you! HUGS!!

  4. It’s an amazing image and the meaning you draw from it is amazing, as well.
    I’d better see what mine looks like!
    And I bet you more than measure up in every way.

  5. droppin’ in at the tail end of ICLW……..this blog is AMAZING! I plan on coming back again, I have been interested in being a gestational surrogate myself. 🙂

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