Seen and heard

Upon my arrival, the same mismatched couple that I saw a couple of weeks ago had this loud conversation as they reentered the waiting area from the back:

She: That was fun, wasn't it?
He: Yeah, it was flipping around all over the place!
She: It's great, being pregnant.

My first thought: Good for them! (sincerely meaning it)
My second thought: Bad infertile. (sincerely meaning it)


Dr. Deadfish:
(flatly, as usual) Okay. You can get dressed now. I'll send this up to Dr. Sleepy.
Me: ……. Well? What did my lining measure?
Dr. Dipshit: (half out of the door) It's a 12.
Me: Any fluid?
Dr. Dingleballs: (from the hall) Not this time.
Me: Thanks, you fuck.
Dr. Dunghole: (from his office across the hall) I didn't quite hear that last question?
Me: I said, "Thanks so much."


In the hall, waiting for the elevator, a soldier spoke loudly into his cell phone while pacing frantically:

"Hey, Mom? No, it's not good. April's water broke and it's too early and they don't want her to deliver yet. They're taking her over to be admitted. Can you pack some things for us and bring them? We'll be somewhere on the maternity floor, I think. No, I don't know for sure how long we'll be here but it seems like maybe for a while. Mom? I'm really scared."


Downstairs in the lab:

Nurse: Good to see you again, Mrs. SmartOne!
Me: Good to see you, too! How much longer do you have left to go?
Nurse: Next month. Just about five weeks left to go! (fiddling with the needle in my arm) Hmm…it seems like this vein has grown some scar tissue on it. It must get poked a lot.
Me: Yeah, pretty much.
Nurse: Hopefully this time everything will work out and we won't have to keep seeing you here.
Me: Thanks…I hope so, too.

17 thoughts on “Seen and heard”

  1. I often wonder about the people who we’ve come into “contact” with….ones from the clinic, or from the adoption situations, or some from the NICU….what became of their lives and their kids. I actually think a log about one couple in the NICU in particular who was in the apartments with us at the same time…their daughter was probably not going home with them and they were all alone and SO far from their family.
    I hope that the people you ran into today have happy endings.
    Thinking of you, too. Hoping for your and Chance and Apollo’s happy ending!

  2. Man oh man, that visit pretty much represented everything in the IF spectrum, didn’t it?! I feel so bad for the man & his wife who was in early labor. I so hope everthing works out for you & Chance this cycle!!

  3. I’ve got chills. That poor guy, and his wife too. Feel free to kick that doctor, he sounds like a complete ass. Hoping for the same thing your nurse is.

  4. Cossing all body parts for good luck for you this time!!
    And, very sorry to hear of the loss in your family. thinking of you and yours.(())

  5. Me ten or so, I really hope so too. Oh how I wish we could know if the soldier and his baby and his wife are okay. So many stories swirling around us every day that we never see or never know how they end.

  6. Sometimes I come here and wordpress will let me comment, other times it doesn’t even know who I am. Weird. Anyway, reading, watching, waiting, hoping:-)

  7. Ayiyi. What a day. I really hope that things turn out OK for the soldier and April, and also that the insensitive infertiles manage to carry their pregnancy to term AND that they learn to control their mouths before they cause any serious pain.
    That doctor needs a swift kick somewhere where it’ll do him some good.
    As for the nurse, me too, me too.

  8. Interesting overheard convos. I hope everything goes well for you this cycl also!

  9. hey beautiful & foxy gal-
    Just catching up with you- have MISSED YOU!!!
    These overheard conversations are intense and heart tugging.
    Thinking of you & Chance with all of my being and willing the Universe to take care of ya’ll.

  10. That part about the soldier had me in tears. He really got me with the “mom, I’m really scared.” I hope it went okay for them.

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