Thank you for the outpouring of support the past few days; we're okay.

I'm sleepy, but happy.

There are T-minus 16 days of school left.

Today in class we are reading one of my favorite kiddie-lit short stories – "The All-American Slurp." It's below the 8th grade reading level, but whatever. It's short, cute, entertaining, the students always love it, and it's a good narrative tie-in to the international culture and customs research project that they have been assigned.

If scheduling permits, I'm going on a field trip next week with the twins' 2nd grade class to a bamboo farm and to pick strawberries.

Jordan wrote a cute story in his kindergarten class about how he wished he had a jumping casaw (castle). He would bounce with his Daddy and thow (throw) balls at Jaiden it would be SUPER GRATE and AWSUM!

TJ is now obsessed with powers of ten multiplication problems. I made the mistake of teaching him the trick of adding the zeroes and tagging them to the end, so now, of course, he's a mathmagician: "Hey Auntie Kyyyyyym – I know what 700 times 800 is. (pause to allow room for me to be impressed) It's FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND! Yeah, I'm so smart, I'm so smaaaaart! Hey Auntie Kyyyyym – I know what 6,000 times 600 is…." and on and on and on and on.

Jaiden and Kyra got straight A's on their mid-term progress reports. They told me that they were going to work in a laboratory together to find a cure for the Swine Flu when they grew up and I couldn't help but think of them as Pinky and the Brain. Kyra also told me that she was going to be a freelance writer on the side.

Quote from Kaelyn: "Eeewww, Mom. I got snot on my hands! See? What does snot start with? It starts with S! S says ssssssssssss, like a snake! And booger starts with B! B-b-booger! Can you wipe the b-b-b-BOOGER and the sssssssssssssssss-SNOT off my hand?"

Frank has been fully accepted, has submitted all necessary paperwork to get his VA educational benefits rolling, and starts class on June 5. I'm totally going to take a First Day of School picture of him with his book bag when he's on his way out the door. 

We hope to do a full launch of Frank's Etsy bakery by mid-July. We've added in some cookies and changed a couple of names thanks to many of the awesome suggestions given to us last week. Winners *might* be announced next week.

My lining check is this afternoon. I've been on both Vivelle and estrace, so hopefully I won't have any of the slow-growth nonsense from the last cycle.

Transfer is in approximately two weeks. 


And from the Files of What the Fuck?, China, with its longstanding one-child policy, quite naturally prohibits surrogacy. However, surrogacy is quietly practiced there without much sanction, until now apparently. Authorities from the Chinese city of Guangzhou forced the abortions of three surrogates. Appalling.

7 thoughts on “Sentences”

  1. I love those early writing attempts, don’t you? Tell Jordan I said he did a great job.
    Way to go TJ!
    And, with Jaiden and Kyra, which one is Pinky and which one is the BRain?

  2. I don’t even know what to say about China. It makes me sick. About the snot and the boggers….LOL! I love kids. They are a laugh a minute.
    Crossing my fingers for a good lining check today.
    I myself am calling a new clinic to schedule an appointment. It’s not easy to find a Dr willing to impregnate a mother with 14 children. Thank you Nadya Suleman. IVF clinics in SoCal are on high alert for freaks! I’m sure they’ll think I am one of them.

  3. Alexicographer

    I’m late, just wanted to say I’m so horrifically sorry about your cousin and his family’s loss (yours, obviously, but also his immediate family). I never knew how becoming a mother would make these stories hurt so much more until it happened. My heart aches for his mama.

  4. That’s absolutely horrible what they’re doing in China…
    Good luck with your appt; hopefully everything is progressing nicely.
    Your kids are a riot; I always get a kick out of them.

  5. That article gave me goosebumps. How awful.
    Just sick.
    Your kiddos are freaking adorable. And so smart! Smart with an SSSSSSSSS like SSSSSSSSsnake!
    GL with the appt!

  6. Your kids are geniuses clearly. My fingers are crossed and all my positive energy is ready for this cycle.
    The very words ‘forced abortion’ make me pale. Horrible.

  7. All-American Slurp is part of our sixth grade curriculum. . . and my kids don’t really “get” it. Glad to hear they catch on my 8th grade!
    Hoping all goes well today; glad to hear you and your fam are holding it together.
    We love you, Moxie.

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