Follicle check # 1

The left ovary has 11 follicles and the right has five, with one possible. One measures 12 x 13, several measure anywhere from 9-12, and there are a couple which measure 6-7. In the last cycle, Chance had 15 follicles after a full 14 days on stims, and so far we have sixteen measurable follicles on day 8 of stims. Chance's next appointment is Tuesday morning.

My uterus is behaving and Chance's ovaries aren't in tortoise mode.

It's hard to keep my zen in check when hope is standing there flailing her arms and throwing little positive pebbles at me to get my attention.*

*But I'm not complaining; all looks good so far.

27 thoughts on “Follicle check # 1”

  1. Shhh, did someone say HOPE??? I’m on my tiptoes, being very, very quiet as I wait with you both for the next piece of shhhh, good, news.

  2. who has time or use for zen when this AWESOMENESS is coming together in such a great way?!!
    THRILLED at Chance’s report- that is seriously good.
    And high fiving you on your super plush lining.
    Feeding the Unicorn cans of bean flavored skittles- it’s time for some damn rainbow farts!

  3. That’s awesome! I’ve read that a really long stim is kind of bad for egg quality, so this is really good news.

  4. YAY!!!! Yay for Chance’s follies and YAY for your uterus! It’s a good time of year, tomorrow is the birthday of my successful embryo transfer!

  5. Did you know that for me, the comment box is partially blank? Like I can’t see what I’m typing in the first hald of the box. Not top to bottom, but left to right. No matter how far I open my window (like resizing it would matter, as the comment box is in the middle so it’s not a scrollable problem), it just doesn’t matter. I can’t even see what the ehll I’m typing, so if this doesn’t make sense, I can’t fix it. Ah, with this sentance, I can see the whole line. Nice. It’s like there is a blank invisible box 4″x3″, starting at the upper left corner of the comment box. I’m sending you an email of a screen shot.

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