Follicle check # 2

Today's email from our nurse coordinator:



I wanted to provide you with Chance’s
progress.  She will be back Wednesday for blood work and U/S.  It looks like the
retrieval may possibly be Friday.  I will let you know for certain after we
review her results with the doc’s tomorrow.  Don’t change any of your meds in
the mean time and I will talk to you Wednesday.




Chance's ovaries are on and poppin' in there. Keep the prayers coming, ladies. I'm sure I'll have something intelligent and of substance to post soon. For now, I'm just doing what it takes to maintain my zen. 


20 thoughts on “Follicle check # 2”

  1. OMG I just teared up reading about someones ovaries. Go Chance!!! Go Moxie!!!!

  2. Ohhhh…Excellent!
    And thanks so much for your comment earlier…I needed a laugh, and I’ve re-read it several times since.

  3. How great! I’m so glad things are going well…hopefully it continues 🙂
    Lots of thoughts and prayers for you guys!

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