Frankian slip

Reclining in the post-op room and huddled under warmed blankets, the semi-high Chance introduced us to the nurse:

"This is the Uterus of Steel – my friend Moxie – and this is my husband Frank," she explained, as she rested her hand on the shoulder of the man sitting next to her.

"Actually," I interjected, "that's Apollo, and my husband Frank is out in the van."

Drugs are good, I tell you. Whatever she had, I want some, too. She looked pretty damned jolly on that buzz.

We got 15 eggs, and we are happy. We'll get our fert report sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Keep the prayers and wishes coming. Something seems to be working this time around.

19 thoughts on “Frankian slip”

  1. I am so happy to hear that things ARE going better this time ’round. First time may have been a “practice run”.
    I think that’s funny what Chance said about Frank being her husband. It made me giggle.
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Wooohoooo…you know, its all those special beans we are force feeding Reproducina. The rainbow farts have blanketed the eastern seaboard.

  3. 15! Well done!
    Sometimes your brain on drugs is a good thing. Sounds like Chance was enjoying the ride.
    Looking forward to the next update, all the best to you.

  4. Yaaaayyyyyy! Man, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to have a joyous high like that. I could have, you know, except for the major buzzkill.
    I’m so happy for the fab fifteen! Can’t wait to hear more…

  5. 15 Eggs? Wonderful!! Well done Chance 🙂 had to smile at her Frankian slip…
    Praying hard for you guys!

  6. Ah, the drugs, the drugs! The “fun” part of IVF. I was super nervous before my first egg retrieval, since the doctors had told me I would be out of it but not asleep, and I kept wondering how awful it would feel for that giant needle to go through your private bits, even if you didn’t feel pain. But no, they drugged me up GOOD and I slept through the whole thing. Afterwards I came back to myself in the recovery room and with great volume and enthusiasm expressed my relief to my DH: “That was great! I slept through the whole thing! It was a piece of cake!” The whole recovery area heard me describe a blow by blow of my egg retrieval. He was super embarrassed. Me? I was just high as a kite. Ah, those were the days :).

  7. Ohmanohmanohman ohmanohman
    (breathes into paper bag)
    Not for nothing, but sometimes when you post pictures of Frank’s baked goods, I get a little confused too.

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