No clever titles here

We're going to day 5. The embryologist said that there are so many excellent quality, 8-celled day-three'ers that he couldn't distinguish two stand-outs to transfer today. He said that we might even end up with a few to freeze. From his mouth to God's ears.

Good again. Good again.

And now, I'm going to play hooky from school and spend the day pretending like I'm actually going to get some work done around here. Hey – it's the thought that counts, right?

38 thoughts on “No clever titles here”

  1. SHUT UP!!!!
    kick ass fabulous news!
    seriously feeding the unicorn skittles right now and getting ready to pull his finger.
    High fiving Chance and winking at you, sweetie!

  2. tree town gal

    oh this is very good… very great… very hopeful!!! what a nice mother’s day gift… thinking of you all.

  3. Oh this is nice. Really nice. i’m going to dance in traffic naked now, in hopes of diverting any ass luck up in my direction, m’kay?

  4. Hah my comment got screwed up somehow – thinking tons of positive, happy, hopeful thoughts for all of you!!

  5. I’m sorry! I know we’re supposed to be low key this time around but I can hardly keep from grinning like a fool and bouncing up and down in my chair.
    *deep calming breath*
    bounce bounce

  6. So keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. SO sorry I’ve been absent. Brynn’s had some heart probs but I’m getting back to commenting a bit more ((hugs))

  7. I’m such a believer in day 5 transfers. I got pregnant twice – once fresh (2 embryos, 2 babies, sadly two deaths, but still) and one fair rated frozen day 5 that is currently my daughter. Maybe this is your time. I hope!!

  8. Yeah yeah yeah! I wish I could dance naked in traffic too to bring me some luck, but I can’t. But i can pray and cross lots of stuff. The balsties will be awesome, just know it! Thinking of you and sending you yummy wet camel kisses from Cairo, LOL. Hugs to you and Chance! xoxoxoxo

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