Free association on transfer eve

PIO is being especially mean to my ass this time around.

I should get Frank to rub my butt so that I can relax.

Oooh! I get to pop a valium tomorrow!

I'm sleepy. Usually I have killer insomnia leading up to transfer, but I've been sleeping like a rock. Escapism, anyone?

My dog is snoring.

I snore when I'm sick. Or pregnant.


Earlier today I realized that next Friday is a day of plenty. The last day of school (for the students) is next Friday. A blogger buddy is flying in to visit with Chance and me next Friday. Jordan's sixth birthday is next Friday. *insert sudden and dramatic piano chords here* BETA is next Friday. I'd like to say that three outta three ain't bad, but I'd rather score on all four counts.

I feel like a total fatty watching The Biggest Loser finale. If I can't rightfully wear maternity clothes this summer, then it's nothing but low-fat, organic air and diet water for me. And Frank's cookies.

What the shit is up with a few people (non IF-ers, I promise. IFers can complain about whatever they want to because, well, I think we've EARNED it) crabbing about maternity clothes and giving up certain activities per doctor's orders until the second trimester? HELLO!!! Are you pregnant? Then shut the fluckashit up. Nothing to bitch about.
GOOD KARMA   ———>——–>      BAD KARMA

Oh, how I doth love fuzzy bunnies and puppies and rainbows and wish that I could give them to all of my friends and even to people who annoy me, because they need love too!

*singing* Go, Jeeeerry! It's your birthday! He lost the weight! He won a hundred grand! 

(_(_) ~~ (_)_) ~~ (_(_) ~~~ (_)_) <— that's me shakin' mah bootay.

Not really, because mah bootay hurts. 

Frank is snoring. Is he pregnant?


Transfer is at 11. I'll be home to update by 5. Feed Reproducina all the beans you can. We are long overdue for rainbow glittler, Skittle-scented farts.

16 thoughts on “Free association on transfer eve”

  1. i almost fell over when i read that your transfer is at 11.
    i have a thing with the number 11. and not shocking to me, my miracle bub was born at 11:11.
    tomorrow at ELEVEN. two ones (one for each embie) put together to make one number. i’m liking where this is going….
    I’m keeping all my crossables crossed.

  2. That feels like good mojo to me, girlh! 🙂 Thanks so, so much for all of your support!
    BTW – my birthday is 2/11. I’ve always liked that because 1+1=2. My favorite number is 11, too.

  3. Ahhh!! Just caught up after a weekend away. I am breathless with support and positive energy and skittle farts for you and Chance and Apollo and Frank and skittles-to-be one and two. Love. Hope.

  4. Who doesn’t love a Skittle Fart?!??!?! Wafting, Wafting…mmmmm…
    LOL!!! I am totally excited about Jerry’s win also- amazing huh? I knew Blondie had it in the bag though b/c Mikie and Tara pretty much looked the same…but she looked waaaaaay skinnier. WOWZAH. I would love to look like that…but 4 to 8 hour workouts? nah.
    PS whatever happened with the Cookie Business name? Am I missing a post?

  5. You gotta take the unicorn and bunny you got during SITM week! I’m skipping the shot glass I have on my site for you. No, I’m going to put it directly into an IV bag and hook you up. I can feel your bouncy nervous energy all the way over here. Don’t forget to wear your SITM socks!

  6. Eating one of Frank’s cookies right now (yes it’s late, but I have to maximize calories and fat, plus eating Frank’s cookies forces me to drink lots of milk).
    Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!
    Reproducina, it’s all on you.

  7. Oh! 11 is GOOD! I’ve got ALL kinds of goodies for ya, Reproducina. Crossing, doing back flips, praying, and all kinds of crazy good juju stuff!

  8. I keep hoping that GOOD Karma thing comes back to me…
    wishing and hoping an praying for you and Chance. Weeeeee!

  9. Sending the remainder of my skittle-fart-unicorn-rainbow karma your way, today. And the next two weeks.
    Hanging with y’all.

  10. Don’t you know I’ve been force feeding Reproducina those special rainbow fart beans all week?
    Hoping and praying it all goes PERFECTLY.
    BTW, take a camera for you know what.

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