By the numbers ICLW intro

  1. Yo!
  2. I'm Moxie.
  3. Read "The Rundown."
  4. I'm a gestational surrogate.
  5. One surrobaby delivered in 2006.
  6. Now GS for Chance and Apollo.
  7. We transferred two great blasts last Wednesday.
  8. Today I am 8dp5dt and barely staying sane.
  9. Tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn is my beta.
  10.  Hopefully, I'll get THE CALL with THE NEWS by lunchtime.
  11. Please keep us all in your prayers for some good news.
  12. I have a major case of the bubble guts and shaky nerves.
  13. I'm almost late for work so I should probably stop blogging and get dressed.
  14. Hopefully, I'll make Iron Commenter this time because the last day of school's tomorrow!
  15. This sentence is here to end on a good number. Ending on 14 is weird.

40 thoughts on “By the numbers ICLW intro”

  1. Wooooo!!! Last day of school!!!!
    I’m hoping for a very strong beta for you guys tomorrow.

  2. Happy ICLW! ACK! Beta day!!!! Not sure I can wait THAT long! If I give you my phone number can you text me ASAP! Not Heather though, she’s pushy…lol YAY for last day of school, too!

  3. Friday is a great day for good news.
    Keeping all things crossable crossed.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (there are hugs in there too, but they are “crossed” for extra umph)

  4. I don’t think there has ever been a more descriptive and perfect term than bubble gut.
    You know I’m holding all of you in my heart.

  5. are you a 3.5.7 girl?? cause i know i am!!
    i don’t even want to think about tomorrow’s B-word…but i will be anxiously awaiting.

  6. Can’t wait until tomorrow! And you are so RIGHT about #15. I had to add myself to my kids’ vocab quiz the other day just so we wouldn’t have 14 words — it’s a weird number. πŸ™‚

  7. 1. Yo!
    2. Good luck!
    3. The bestest wishes!
    4. What a big day!
    5. I’ll be thinking of you.
    6. Seriously, school is out AND beta?
    7. I hope it’s a day to remember!

  8. Best wishes for a nice high beta – and good luck on the Iron Commenter Status. I’m going for it again this month too.
    Happy ICLW!

  9. I love your blog. You always make me laugh, even on hard days.
    I am sending vibes your way for AWESOME news at lunchtime. Crossing all digits as well.

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