Do you see what I see? (for real this time)

Today's beta, taken at about 8.75dp5dt is 50.

Those of us who know anything about betas know that plenty of REs like to see at least 50.

Those of us who know anything about what Dr. Google says about betas would like to see at least 100.

Our RE specifically said that today's beta of 50 gives us about a 60% chance of this turning out right.

I look at it like this — at this point last time, the beta was only 13. I'll take 50 and a fighting chance over put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye any day. My tests look stronger than last time and have been getting steadily darker. I have to hold onto whatever fibers of hope that I can muster.

Whatever I can't muster, I know that you can and will.

So, umm…now would be a good time for you to send prayers, light candles, burn chicken feathers while dancing naked in the moonlight, or do whatever it is you do for hope and luck and good results.

We need to see some magic this time.

53 thoughts on “Do you see what I see? (for real this time)”

  1. Shakin’ my tail feathers now. I’d get naked, but well, I’m at work. Sending all the ‘snuggle in TIGHT for the next 36 weeks vibes’ I have your way. When is beta #2?
    ooooohhhhhhhhhhm… ooooohhhhhhhhhhm…
    double double double double double double
    double double double double double double
    double double double double double double
    double double double double double double
    ooooohhhhhhhhhhm… ooooohhhhhhhhhhm…

  2. 50 is a chance of a chance for Chance! Maybe it just implanted later than first thought? I’m not losing hope and will do my funky chicken dance tonight at midnight after the kids leave.

  3. im a lurker but ill come out of the closet for this amen! i will keep you and those beans in my prayer for some “power up!” until one safely lands…my first beta after ivf was low and i delivered twins just short of 35 weeks…betas are what they are, an estimate…im so excited for all of you!

  4. 60% isn’t bad at all! I’m totally gonna put on my bikini *EEK* and do a little dance for all of ya. I’d do it naked…but…yeah nobody wants to see that. Nor SHOULD they! Tons of thoughts, prayers, good juju, and all that jazz coming your way!

  5. ….lighting a candle for you all right now. So happy you’ve made it this far…hope you keep going all the way!

  6. 50 is good. I am hopeful that this is the time for all of you. Stick baby, stick. Grow baby, grow. Will be my mantra.
    Sending you lots of good/hopeful thoughts.

  7. beta shmeta – I have seen many work with 50, and many not stick with 100 (like ours) so just be happy so far, so good.

  8. Keeping everything crossed and hoping for things do what they are supposed to do, stick and grow!

  9. Oooooh! Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚ I am holding all of you in my heart and hope the next beta is double or more…

  10. Okay here it goes…..please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please let this be IT!!!

  11. I think you got a little fighter in there…he/she is going to spit in the face of those odds and flip them the finger in about 9 months! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Believing this is the one…

  12. Dang it! I don’t have any lucky monkey urine to drink! LOL… I am crossing fingers, toes, tongue, legs, arms and eyes for you~

  13. I was getting ready to do a rain dance for my garden so I’ll throw in a baby dance for you… two for the price of one! Can’t beat that!

  14. 50 is GREAT, Moxie! I was told the doctors want to see at least 25. I SO hope this is it for all of you!!
    I’ll be praying for you!!

  15. doesn’t mean shit till sunday, so let’s take that 50 and settle in…get frank to get to bakin…cause i know i’d want some baked goods stocked…

  16. 50 sounds like a lovely number to me. I know two 9’s that turned into babies.
    I found THREE four-leafed clovers today, and will be pointing them all in your direction while chanting and shaking tail feathers.

  17. I’m late in posting, but wanted to let you and Chance know that I’m crossing everything I can for you and hoping that this little one is snuggling in for the long haul!

  18. That is excellent news. I was thinking about you guys when I was nowhere near internet access and knew that your post must be out there waiting on my Reader.
    Dr. Google can suck it. 100 is a bogus goal, glommed onto not on an empirical basis because it’s a round number.
    My 12DPO beta was 79 (1.75 days before your current number), and the nurse said “anything over 50 is good.” 79 is far from 100.
    Then at 21DPO my beta was double the average for higher order multiples. My point? 100 is clearly not the magic number, Dr. Google. What med school did Dr. Google attend, anyway? Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?
    I have all sorts of hope for you.

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