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  1. FUCK. My heart is crushed for you. This just isn’t how it was supposed to end.

  2. Oh god. I just burst into tears when this came into my reader. I am so sorry. Moxie, Chance, Apollo, Frank, I am so very, very sorry.

  3. I’m so sorry. I… don’t have enough words.
    Just gutted and in tears.
    My love to you all. This is SO FUCKING UNFAIR.

  4. I am SO sorry to read that things have turned out like this. Like others have said, this isn’t how it was supposed to go, and it feels so unfair. Holding you all in my thoughts.

  5. nothing else to say but sorry, it really sucks, crap and damn. im sure this doesnt help but i would be nore than happy to carry a pound of pain that you guys are having right now. again sucking the duck.

  6. I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to find the words that will not come. I am so sorry.
    To the bloggers visiting Moxie. Please give her, Chance, and Apollo an extra long squeeze for us.

  7. I’m so very, very sorry. What shit news. I’ll be thinking of all of you. I wish, wish, wish that we all could give you one big hug. This just sucks.

  8. Oh no, I am sooooo sorry Moxie, Frank, Chance and Apollo. Holding you all close in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

  9. No no no no! OMG Moxie, Chance and Apollo, I am SO sorry! Holding you all so closet o my heart and sending you so many hugs and love.

  10. Moxie, Chance, and Apollo,
    I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry to hear this news. As always, I, too, will continue to keep you all in my thoughts, prayers, and heart in the days ahead. Love you, Moxiemie.

  11. I am just flattened by this. All I feel is this huge cloud of pain around Chance and Apollo. And so much sadness for them and for you. And all I want to keep saying is FUCK and SORRY.

  12. i can’t find words. anything that comes out just sounds not, enough.
    i am shaking my fist at the Universe right now.
    sending lots of love and strength your way for the four of you.

  13. No no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Infertility SUCKS!!!!
    I’m so sorry for all of you. This just stinks.

  14. Oh no! I am so very sorry Moxie. My heart goes out to Chance and Apollo. Gosh how I hate IF, it’s so damn heartbreaking. You all are in my thoughts.

  15. Alexicographer

    Just came back to say I’m still thinking of all of you guys and to ask if/where we should send tequila.

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