Summers of Love (or corny mush, whichever you prefer)

Tomorrow sparks the summer mushfest here at la Casa de la Smart One. Tomorrow, Kyra and Jaiden will be 8. I'm wondering how the hell eight years went by so quickly. Where did those little chicken-legged, china doll babies go? Kyra is now damn near as tall as I am and made of lanky arms and gangly legs. She's all Frank. Jaiden's bubble eyes and broad shoulders are all me. And Jordan – his birthday in blogland was pretty much obliterated because it happened to fall right smack on beta day, otherwise known as the Day Which Sucked Donkey Balls because My Beta Was only 50. Jordan's birthday didn't even get a mention, so he'll get his proper due tomorrow when I post about the Twinz birthday.

Then Father's Day rolls on next. Frank is the cookie-baking-stay-at-home-dad shiznit, so I would be terribly remiss if I didn't post something cute about him. Or snarky-funny. Something. I promised that I would not talk about the reason why he shaves his head down to nothing a la Michael Jordan is not because he wants to be like Mike (which he totally does but that ain't happening), but it's because he got smacked with male pattern baldness starting at like age 22 and now he has this HUGE bald patch right in the front and as of last week I also discovered that a second HUGE bald patch is starting up in the back of his head and soon the two patches will meet in the middle at halfcourt, so instead of looking like he has male pattern baldness (which he does) he just shaves it all off so that he can look sexy hot instead of old fart. And he is quite sexy despite the baldness, but I said I would talk about how bald he is so I won't do that, but talking about how sexy he is is still open game. Immediately after Father's Day is our anniversary, so between Father's Day, year 13 of our marriage, and his birthday (which is right around the corner on July 6), you will read tons about how squishy in love I am with my sexy Frank, but you will not hear anything about how bald he is because I'm not supposed to talk about that. Ahem.

Concluding the summer mushfest will be Teej's birthday on July 15. He's our nephew and our +1=5 child and he's almost 9. NINE! Time seems to be flying by so fast.

So! We have:

June 18 – Kyra and Jaiden's birthday (and backtracking to May 22 for Jordan's birthday)
June 21- Father's Day
June 22 – 13th anniversary
July 6 – Frank's birthday
July 15 – TJ's birthday
July 16 – Moxie's brokeday

10 thoughts on “Summers of Love (or corny mush, whichever you prefer)”

  1. Holy busy months, super lady! Our summer isn’t that busy. We do have Zilla’s birthday and then our anniversary. Oh no, switch that around. Our anniversary is FIRST, then it’s Zilla’s birthday. Damn, good thing my summer isn’t like yours. I’d be celebrating birthdays on anniversaries, father’s day on anniversaries and so on. Oh, it would be a mess! So I’ll leave the craziness to the professionals, like you. Enjoy ALL of it, hon!

  2. Fun! I have a good chance of hitting one of those dates with my own ‘birth day.’ Oh and Matt shaves his head for the exact same reason, I think it’s sexy too.

  3. So, is it funny that the thought I had when you said Kyra is almost as tall as you is “well, that’s not too hard, now is it”? I hope that you completely enjoy the mushfest at casa de la smart one. My birthday is July 18th, which might turn out to be transfer day. We will see how it all works out……..
    Lupron bitchiness, here I come!!!

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