Happy birthday, Kyra, Jaiden, and Jordan

Today, el Cinco and I spent the Twinz' 8th birthday getting crispifried at the swimming pool (Frank had school, poor him). They are camped out in the living room, half-comatose on the downside of the cake-induced sugar rush. I'm tanked and as soon as I hit "publish," I will start whining for Frank to give me a massage. My brain is a lump of sun-baked mush and I'm lucky to even be able to string these sentences together coherently, but I didn't want to let today go by without honoring Kyra and Jaiden's birthday (and Jordan's birthday on May 22).

Pool pics 017
Remind me to never, ever get a cake with black icing. Despite vigorous brushing, the kids still look like they gnawed on Sharpies as chew toys.

Pool pics 024 After inspecting our mutant, killer tadpoles, Jordan asked me to take a picture of him with the pretty flowers. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they were really overgrown weeds. Frank just said that Jordan looks like he's taking a shit, fertilizing those weeds the natural way.

Come back tomorrow  (or later today if it's already tomorrow for you) for stories of Kyra & Jaiden's and Jordan's delivery day follies (find out about what White babies, shaving cream, and beach towels have to do with that).

13 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Kyra, Jaiden, and Jordan”

  1. Happy Birtdays to them all!
    I don’t haven’t been commenting as much either, but I’ve been reading along and thinking of you all too. And can I add blue icing to the “icing colors to avoid” list? Because I’m telling you it stains like you wouldn’t believe!
    Hope you got that much needed massage.

  2. hahahaaaa! Oh poor Jordan! That’s too funny! And sweet.
    I love getting weeds as “presents” from my students. I have this little tiny vase that perfectly fits dandilions. 🙂

  3. lawd, Frank cracks me up- that is totally what I thought when I 1st saw the photo (heh)
    Happy birthday to your beautiful babies!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your babies AND happy “give-birth” day to you! We always give the mom flowers on the child’s birthday. So I’ll give you a virtual flower *hands you your favorite flower*
    Wait! Those are weeds?! Crap! I have a bunch of those on my side yard and I thought they were so pretty. UHG!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyra, Jaide, & Jordon!
    The picture of Jordon is hilarious. Those are fabulous flowers, haha. That really is too cute.

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