Home improvement induced coma

*blink* Has it really been four days since I last posted? I mentally composed at least three blog posts since I last posted on Sunday, so somewhere in my warped mind I could have sworn that I actually sat down between then and now and actually put some words down on paper screen.

Where I've actually been is spending hours upon hours each day working in Kyra's new bedroom. Part of Kyra's birthday present was getting her own bedroom. Up until now, she's technically been sharing a room with Kaelyn. In reality, Kyra's never slept in that room for more than a single night, preferring to sleep in Jaiden and Jordan's room. Kaelyn, in all her threeness, chit-chattered non-stop through the night whenever Kyra attempted to sleep in her shared bedroom.

When the Teej came to live with us nearly two years ago, he was given his own bedroom. He needed his own space with transitioning into a permanent 5th child of our family, but now he's grown to the point where he constantly asks if he can sleep in Jaiden and Jordan's room (if you've been doing the math, that's four kids in two beds in one bedroom) and Kyra has been the one pining for some breathing room.

Soooo, now all three boys are sharing a room. For now, Teej's old bed has been banished to the garage and he will sleep on the trundle from Jaiden's bed. Eventually we'll get rid of one of the twin beds and move Jaiden and Jordan to a set of bunkbeds. TJ's old bedroom is now Kyra's new bedroom.

We started the makeover bright and early Tuesday morning. Frank has been in and out of school and doing homework, so I've been the main one doing most of the work, putting in 16+ hours of work each day. I think I'm operating on maybe 8 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. The rest of my house has fallen into shambles and the kids have been living on stale crumbs they find in the crevices of the couch, but Kyra's room is oh so pretty. She hasn't seen it yet. I had a few finishing touches to do and I had to arrange the furniture. Now we're waiting on Frank to get home from class for the big reveal.

There are a couple of emails I need to reply to and a ton of ICLW blog comments to return (read the comments in my previous Goonies post – hilarious!), but first I must shower. I'm covered in paint and I look like I shoved a key in a socket.

Before and after pictures to come soon!

8 thoughts on “Home improvement induced coma”

  1. Funny that I’ve been checking for a blog post for four days and something told me to check again right now. Turns out, you just posted this entry a minute or two ago. Still have it apparently…
    Love you.

  2. Go you, super woman! As much as it sucks to have to move around rooms, the end result is always fun! I hope she loves it! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. Ooooh…I can’t wait to see the pics. Can we see one of you in all your painted, key in the socket glory, pretty please?

  4. Yippee!!! I can’t wait to see Ms. Kyra’s new room! So, how about a video of her reaction as well?
    Don’t take 4 days to post the big reveal, or I’ll just drive over there and take a look-see.

  5. ooooohhh!!! Cool! I can’t wait to see some pictures! I too compose posts in my head…and totally think I have posted. I also think I dream about it. I sometimes wonder if there is gremlin in my computer deleting my work.
    BTW- did Frank ever start up his cookie business? What did you name it? How can I buy a cookie?

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