Show and Tell: Kyra's new room

As promised, before and after pictures of Kyra's new room:

This is the fourth time in the 5.5 years since we built the house and signed our names on the line that the room has been painted/remodeled. THE FOURTH. The first incarnation was a horrid splatter of a mess, as it was the first paint job that Frank and I had EVER done in our entire lives. About a year later we repainted and went all out with the decor, resulting in this room which we all loved:

Boys bed pic  

Boys' name wall Helmet 

A couple of years later TJ came to live with us. Before then, the 4th bedroom was the playroom. We relocated the playroom to the empty and unused formal dining room, moved Jaiden and Jordan into what used to be the playroom, and Teej moved into what was the boys' room. The sports theme went over to Jaiden and Jordan's room. For TJ's room, we kept the paint the same, moved in a bed, dresser, and bookshelf for him, and he chose a superhero theme, primarily Spiderman. I forgot to take pictures of Teej's room before we deconstructed it, but I did snap a couple of pictures before we started painting:

Kyra's new room 007 Kyra's new room 010 Kyra's new room 008

Notice that the sporty border is down from the beige walls. Frank insisted that the border was of the peel-and-stick variety and that is should come down easily. "It should only take a few minutes," he said, before flitting out to school. After I spent three hours spraying water inch by inch and scraping down border (that was definitely not peel-and-stick) foot by foot, I used the soggy, wadded up wet border and threw it at Frank when he got home. "Here," I said. "Take your damned balls and shove 'em down your throat." Do you see that big blue monster of a wall? Three coats of primer. THREE. FARKIN'. COATS, people.

There were many headaches to be had while doing this room (if I never see another wall-mount laser level or roll of painter's tape it'll be too soon), but there was a calming effect that came with the redundancy of painting and repainting. It was beyond worth it when Kyra opened her door:

(In the comments of my last post, Kristin asked me to post a pic of myself in my post-reno ugliness. If you watch carefully in the video above, I all but push Kyra off of me just to get myself off-camera faster.)

Kyra's new room 023

Kyra's new room 017


Frank and I knew we wanted to go with a pink and brown color scheme, so when we saw this bedding online, we knew it was perfect for Kyra. On Monday, we spent our anniversary evening trolling Savannah for her accessories and choosing paint, and we picked up the bedding from Sears. Later we had dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill and spent the whole time trying to decide how to paint. Stripes? Accent wall? Border? (Hell to the N-O). Of all the things we could have done, we chose to do that, and it was a groovy good evening. We're simple like that.


Kyra's new room 016 Note the shelves. I put them together, because Frank has a knack for putting things together ass backwards. He is kidded for it constantly, because he'll put something together, end up with "spare parts," and the whatever it is will be inoperable, crooked, or just plain wrong. Ha!, I smugly thought, as I was finishing the last step on the first shelf. It would have taken Frank ages to do this, and it would have been done wrong. Just as I hammered in the last nail and reached a whole new level of self-congratulation, I noticed that I had nailed down the backing backwards. The white part should have been facing the front, and instead the ugly brown pressed wood part was. Oops. I couldn't pry the backing off without damaging the shelf, so I improvised by painting the interior back wall of the shelf the same chocolate brown as the walls. It looks like it was intentional, and not a correction of a dumb ass mistake. When Frank got home, he even gave me props for the creative touch. I won't tell if you don't.

Kyra's new room 018 Every once in a while, I have a Martha Stewart moment and think of super-cool crafty project to do. When Frank and I bought the bedding, we saw this Bobby Jack pillowcase which says "Anything you can do" on one side and "she can do better" on the other side. We already had a pillowcase, sham, and accent pillow, but I really wanted this pillowcase because it captures Kyra's personality so perfectly. *MARTHA MOMENT* I was struck with the idea of making a couple of pieces of wall art with it. I cut the panels of the pillowcase into separate parts. I trimmed down two pieces of heavyweight foam board, then hot glued sheets of craft foam to them. Finally, I stretched over the pillowcase halves and hot glued the edges around the back. Project total: $20. 

Kyra's new room 011 Kyra's new room 028 The pillow seats are the products of Frank's Martha moment. We couldn't find any inexpensive seating that we liked so Frank created his own. They're as simple as they look: hot pink throw pillows secured to stylish storage crates with brown and white ribbon. He simply looped the brown ribbons through the holes and tied them underneath, then wove the white ribbon through. I dabbed hot glue at the ribbon intersections and around the eges where the ribbon touches the pillow to be sure that everything stays in place when they're sat on.The seat on the right will be finished once we buy more ribbon tonight. Total cost: $30 for both seats (table is $20 and the lamp is $30, both purchased from Wally-World). 

Kyra's new room 031 

No can-do-anything-better-than-you diva's bedroom would be complete without a full-length mirror.

Kyra's new room 020

Nothing was better than hearing, "Mommy and Daddy, thank you guys so much for working so hard to make my room extra-special! I just love it, but I love you guys infinity times more than that!"

Then she did what anyone with a brand-spankin' new bedroom would do:

Kyra's new room 032 

knocked out cold.

What are you Showing and Telling this week?

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  1. If you start driving now, you can make it here by midnight. My sister is taking the kids to the beach tomorrow, so we can get sloppy with some special beverages and laugh at each other.

  2. What a great room! Nice work, folks.
    Kyra looks so much like you, Moxie!
    Just to clarify, as someone with boy/girl twins on the way — was she sharing with her brothers until now? And did she share a crib with her brother (and if so, when did you split them up)?

  3. This is awesome – I wish I had a room half as cool as this growing up! And kind of wish I had a room like that now…

  4. This room is awesome. You guys really went all out and I could totally tell that she luuuurrrved the room. I luuuurrrve it too. I am not so crafty. I generally do paint and furniture and maybe hang a few pictures. Perhaps I need to either watch more home improvement shows or just hire you as my interior decorator.

  5. WOW. VintageGirl still has the curtains I made for her room when she was baby! So far no complaints but surely she’ll get tired of the cute vintage alphabet fabric!
    Your daughter is beautiful.

  6. That is one gorgeous room. (and, of course, Kyra is gorgeous too)
    When I was about Kyra’s age, my mom let me use my mad decorating skillz to redecorate my own bedroom. Um….let’s just say it wasn’t nearly as bee-yoo-ti-ful as Kyra’s.

  7. I just realized I never said how awesome this room is!!! Can you get down to my house soon?!?! 🙂 Very cute.

  8. That little seating corner is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Fabulous room. My daughter would totally move in.
    (clicked over from Niobe’s, btw)

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