In Which We, Like, Go to the Movies

This is Frank and me:

Cookie pics 041  

Aren't we cute? See how I gaze lovingly at him, lost in my own squishy rapture?

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These are the tickets to Tuesday night's midnight premiere of Harry Potter 6:

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This is Frank and me with the tickets, just a little more excited than grown folks should be at going to see a movie:

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We dragged our tired, round-the-clock-cookie-bakin' asses to see the midnight premiere of HP6 and actually gloated at how smart we were to arrive at the theater as early as 10:30. There were less than thirty people ahead of us so we were guaranteed to get good seats. By 11:15, the line had twice wrapped around itself and we could see people near the back eying us and the other early birds with mild envy.

I saw several of my past students, just as I'd expected to. I always run into a few students at the movies, but being an English teacher, I tend to run into hordes of them when going to view films based on popular young adult novels. I hugged many and waved at others who were further away, many with a scholarly twinkle of pride in their eyes as if to say, "Even though I'm not your student anymore, I soooo deserve to get extra credit for coming to see a movie based on a book, even if it is, like, the coolest series ever and I would have come to see it anyway if like, it wasn't a book." All of them, and many other moviegoers were dressed in either Potter-related shirts or Twilight gear.

Going to see HP6 holds double appeal for both Potterites and Twilighters. Many of the Twilight fans fell in love with the series as a suitable salve for the ache that the conclusion of the Potter series left. The trailer for New Moon, the second movie installment of the Twilight series, was released on TV a couple of months ago during the MTV Movie Awards and has been available since then on the Internet. However, HP6 provided the first chance for Twilighters to see the trailer on the big screen. I overheard several starry-eyed teenage girls say that though they were excited to see HP6, what they really, like – OMIGOSH – couldn't wait for was the New Moon trailer. Because like — *squeal!* — they were totally on Team Jacob and — swoon — Edward was still killer sexy and he could like, bite me any day. 

People cheered when the ushers finally unhooked the velvet rope and started admitting people into the theater. The dim theater was abuzz with Potter and Twilight talk. Another chorus of cheers and ear-popping teeny-bopper shrieks erupted again when the lights finally dimmed. Once the previews began and the voices were hushed, the air was electric with the anticipation of the New Moon trailer. Finally after three previews that clearly ranked a status of whatev by the lack of response, the opening chords of the hauntingly familiar Twilight series resonated through theater. SCREAMS of pubescent fervor exploded through the theater, followed by an immediate SHHHHHHHHHH!!! so that they could all better watch the trailer which they had all undoubtedly watched a zillion times from home on YouTube. Everyone leaned in, and from the row behind me I could hear a girl whisper to her friend, "Ohmigosh. I'm going to cry, or faint, or SOMETHING, ohmigoshohmigoshOHMIGOSH!" Frank and I cast sideways glances at each other and rolled our eyes. The trailer finally got to the part when our fair-skinned damsel in distress found herself about to be vampire lunch. The palpable, tense energy in the theater that was barely restrained broke free when the shirtless and chisel-muscled Jacob ran to Bella's aid, morphing suddenly into a giant wolf mid-stride. The only thing more annoying than the ear-splitting girly screams which exploded around me was the fact that I, too, found myself squealing with excitement.

I cannot flippin' wait until New Moon opens in November. I mean, like. Oh. My. Gawsh. Seriously. 

An aside:

Don't I almost kinda look like the poster child for a particular alcoholic beverage here?
Cookie pics 040 Rum

21 thoughts on “In Which We, Like, Go to the Movies”

  1. I loved the movie…and was so bummed that I couldn’t get tickets to the midnight showing. I think I’m going to try and hit the local IMAX theater in 2 weeks when it opens there.

  2. LOVE the pictures! YAY for date night, even though there were a bunch of screaming girls around. I haven’t seen the new HP movie, but all the others were on TV all week long. Awesome!

  3. GeekByMarriage

    First pic caption: “This is MY man! You cookie lusting whores better back on off!”
    You guys are just too damn cute together!

  4. Love your photos!
    Can you please send over that HP6 excitement dust to me….I am a dry log of wood here!

  5. Oooh, I am so jealous! That reminds me to line up the babysitter so DH and I can go. Normally I’m a Netflix movie watcher, but some deserve an exception!

  6. Damn, Frank is so cute! (Is it highly inappropriate to oogle your husband from afar?! Oh well, too bad, it doesn’t change the obvious fact that he is, LOL!)

  7. I am disgusted by how cute you guys are. Hehehehe! Frank is looking very sultry in that first picture. If you don’t look at the camera I think you guys could totally pose as a trashy romance novel cover.

  8. You two are so cute together!!!
    I love date night with my Husband. Sadly, we haven’t done it for a very long time.
    So glad that you enjoyed your date night and I love reading your blog. You make me laugh and that’s a great thing.


  9. LOL!!!
    Heya Kim
    I wanted to let you know I moved my blog to a new address if you want to continue reading!

  10. becoming whole

    Are you putting any of that sexiness in the cookies?
    If so, I’ll have to, um, get out the credit card…

  11. oh yes, here I am all up in my Sunday evening catching up on my favorite people…you guys crack me UP! You are both so cute.
    (p.s W wore the plaid overalls today!! Will have to e-mail you a photo!)

  12. I loved HP6, a little less action but more character development. I love how well cast the movies are. This time, my favoriteS were Luna and Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix. She made my skin crawl. HP’s casting is one of the few times the chara ters are just as I imagined them.

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