Drive-by Procrastination Post

I have a zillion things to do on my Around the House To Do List, so what better thing is there by procrastinating and throwing up a quick drive-by post on my neglected blog? There are things I plan on discussing here just as soon as I stop Twittering and playing on Facebook knock a dent in the laundry and help get two cookie orders finished. A quick preview:

  • I go back to work in less than two weeks on August 3 and the kids start school again on August 6. I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure out where June went. I mean, I seriously had some trouble trying to figure out just what the hell I did in June. I checked back through June's blog entries and umm, yeah. Late May/June pretty much sucked. I think I'm getting a little bit too good at blocking out heartache. I damned near forgot the whole month.
  • "Mommyblogging" and how there's something about that term that makes my skin crawl, but I can't quite figure out what it is. Essentially I guess mommyblogging is what I do when I post about el Cinco, but I need to figure out why I freeze up a little each and every time I post about them. It's time to get them down and out so that I can process them better. Expect some posts about Parenting After Infertility and what I call "Passport Children."
  • I need to let you in on who my new match is with.
  • Wii Active: totally fell off the horse thanks to the cookies. Mind you, I haven't been EATING the cookies (save for a few bites here and there), but we've been so busy with the cookie biz that I haven't had time to exercise. Rather, by the time we get the time to do so, the last thing we want to do is exercise. We're going to start the 30-day Challenge over from the beginning on Monday.
  • Speaking of cookies, big announcement: today, we are going to list three of each item on Frank's Big One's Bakery on Etsy. When they're gone, we're going to go into "vacation" mode and won't reopen until mid-September. We had NO IDEA that you guys would attack the cookies the way you did. NO FREAKIN' CLUE! We thought we'd get some sympathy orders in much the same way that you'd give a five-year old a quarter for a watery cup of lemonade at their cardboard corner stand: Aww…wookit how cute you two aaarre trying to sell some coookiieeees. You guys bought cookies. Then you had a cookie mouthgasm (to use Heather's word) and told other people to buy cookies, and they did too. People all over the country had Frank's Big Ones in their mouths (ha!), and suddenly we had a zillion orders and we were baking 18 out of 24 hours a day (literally). But we were baking gleefully, clapping like happy idiots every time we got more orders or another great review. So, you've kept us busy. So busy, in fact, that in order to better serve you in the future, we need to close shop for a bit in order to retool to handle the welcome workload. Right now our oven is capable of only churning out 15 giant cookies every 1.5 hours. Next month we're going to upgrade to a sleek new convection oven, in which we'll be able to get 15 cookies in only 20 minutes. Also, as of next week, the back-to-school rush begins for us. I have to start getting my classroom back in order next week and as I've already told you, we all start school again in the first week of August. We want to spend some quality, non-cookie time with el Cinco with the last bit of summer that we have left. The brief hiatus will also give Frank time to perfect the much-requested Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin Big Ones, along with a couple more specialty cookies that he's been working on. When we reopen in mid-September, the cookie prices will be going up by a few dollars. Right now we're doing a teensy bit better than breaking even and we'd umm…like to see some actual profit. We've had lots of feedback from people saying they would have been happy to (and would have expected) to pay more for such huge cookies, so we're not going to sell ourselves short. Or too cheap. Or whatever. When we re-open, you'll be able to order from Frank's independent, off-Etsy Website/blog. Ramble, ramble, ramble…all of that to say this: ONLY THREE OF EACH ITEM ON FRANK'S BIG ONES BAKERY WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MID-SEPTEMBER. HURRY AND ORDER NOW AT THE DISCOUNTED RATES OR YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MID-SEPTEMBER. ONCE WE'VE SOLD OUT OF THE CURRENT INVENTORY, WE'RE CLOSING SHOP UNTIL MID-SEPTEMBER! GET YOUR COOKIE ORGASM NOW!
  • You guys rock for having ordered so many cookies and for helping to spread the word!
  • Hell's Kitchen – feisty Marine guy is going to get his ass chewed next week.

That's all for now. I promise a post with real substance and thought soon. For now, I need to go do something productive. Right after I check Facebook….

24 thoughts on “Drive-by Procrastination Post”

  1. Just stoppin’ by to spread the ICLW love!
    I just caught up on your IF “history”, and girl, you are the ULTIMATE IF warrior! Way to kick some ass! I give you extra super duper props for being a gestational surrogate.
    p.s. You’re makin’ me crave a Big One.

  2. Just wanted to check if it was OK if I postpone my bigass order for cookies till September or if you’d rather I order now. Either is doable, just tell me which is convenient for you guys. πŸ™‚

  3. I finally cracked….and ordered some of those yummy looking cookies. SOOO not good for me and my waistline…Think my husband will be offended I’m buying him another guy’s cookies for his birthday???

  4. I am so, so happy for y’all. Having a business take off this way couldn’t happen to better people.
    It was great talking to you today. Kind of nice hearing another house that is as loud and crazy as mine.


    LMBO You are SOOO FUNNY!!! can’t wait to giggle in person with ya someday LOL!!! Just thought I’d throw that out there πŸ™‚


    YAY Ya’ll!!!! Hope you get to take a trip on this vacation :)!!! THRILLED things are so GREAT!! Sorry your so busy and I say DOUBLE OVEN or hook up with a time sharing bakery. Don’t know if you have those there we have them here :). You just bring the batt ad cook there for avery very small fee πŸ˜‰ Love ya!

  7. Going to have to (break down) and try some of the cookies……. prob. already mentioned should do an all chocolate one (Hubby’s comment to me) unless it already exists :p

  8. Please tell me there’s a way to ship cookies to Canada. Because seriously, my laptop has drool on it from viewing the site so often and looking at the pictures. In fact, my husband would probably appreciate us getting an order so I can stop fantasizing about them more than him.

  9. Well crap! Sorry, but that’s how I feel. I got Frank (mine, not yours) to promise to buy me some cookies for my b-day (today, but apparently he isn’t feeling rushed) and now I very likely will have to wait until Sept.- waahhhhh.
    And. . . . . . (since I’m already throwing a tantrum) no stinkin’ fair holding back on the happy IP/matching news. All good news should be shared immediately. So there!

  10. I was afraid you’d mention cookies! Good thing I already had dessert or else I’d be heading for the fridge. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the response to the bakery. And yay for the convection oven!!
    Can’t wait to hear about your match and about “Pasport Children”.

  11. Sorry about Wii Active lull. That sucks! YEAH about the match. WOOO HOOOOOOO on how well you guys are doing with the cookies!!!

  12. thanks for your ICLW love, darling. you’ve got a pretty awesome blog here. i sent you an invite to the baby blog. i think you are a pretty remarkable lady.

  13. can’t wait to hear about “mommyblogging” from you.
    your bullet posts always crack me up.
    and I am so proud of you & Frank for the awesome cookie biz success!!! woooooo

  14. I have heard nothing but great things about those cookies. If I hadn’t just lost my job I would be ordering like a mad woman. I am happy to hear that it took off. Good for you!

  15. It is exciting to watch how well you guys are doing with the cookies! I bet by September (which blows me away that you can teach and bake all day long) you’ll increase your sales ten fold! Way to go!

  16. Now that drive-by post was full of substance to me. Again, i reiterate that Cairo mail sucks and SO SAD I cannot get a big one. FEDEX is too much and I’ll have to wait until someone is coming to visit, looks like next March, when I am sure you and Frank will have opened a huge factory and will be crankin’ out mo’ big ones than you can imagine. I REALLY think you should try to market into stores. I will send you an email with some links and info….xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Yay for cookies! I can’t believe you guys were baking 18 hours a day – that’s dedication! Also, I cannot believe you start school at the beginning of August. This is clearly one of those regional differences that just makes no sense to someone like me. Everyone knows that school never starts before Labor Day! Right? Good luck with the back-to-school prep. Ugh.

  18. I so hear you on that ridiculous Facebook addiction. So sorry to hear your summer is coming to a close! We have three weeks left and I am already anxious. . . summer is just too short these days. Enjoy what’s left!

  19. Hence the reason I take a wide berth of facebook until I just can’t stand it anymore – then, I’m in and out!
    Congrats on the cookie biz!! I really want to order some – and will…when just the right person with the right celebration appears!! I don’t want to waste something that good on myself!
    Here’s to starting over…

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