How I got here…

July 1991: This one time, at band camp…Frank and I met in high school

July 1992:  we start dating

June 1993:  Frank graduates & enlists in the Army

June 1995:  my high school graduation and engagement to Frank

June 1996: Now I’m Mrs. Frank – I’m 18 and he’s 21

February 1997: Frank is deployed to Kuwait. There, he starts complaining of “floaters” in his vision

July 1997: Frank returned from Kuwait. He saw an optometrist about his vision & is diagnosed with optic neuritis, which means he sees 20/20 but the brain sometimes messes up the signals makes it appear as if “clouds” swim in and out of his vision. ON is a symptom of multiple sclerosis so Frank had a spinal tap which revealed borderline proteins, but not enough to classify as MS.

February 1998: decide to not prevent pregnancy and “just see what happens”

June 1998: Frank’s legs go numb after a 10 mile road march. Repeat spinal tap shows full-blown MS.

July 1998: medical evaluations begin to discharge Frank from the Army

July 1998: Let’s get serious about getting pregnant so we can have kids before Frank’s legs fall off and he can’t feed himself, much less teach a kid how to walk and feed themselves

July 1999: still trying…it’s been 17 months since we stopped BCPs and a year since “taking charge of my fertility, ” so what the freak is going on?

September 1999: “Your swimmers are so great, that your wife should have been pregnant 12 times over by now!” Mmmmkay.

November 1999: 17-year old sister WHOOPS – finds out she’s pregnant – and on the same day I start my period AGAIN.

December 1999: graduate college & start teaching middle school

July 15, 2000: My nephew is born, while I’m still trying and failing. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is getting old, now.

August 2000: finally suck it up and see a fertility specialist. “Judging from your charts, you’re anovulatory. Take this Clomid…”

August-September 2000: Cycle 1 fails, but the cycle is only 33 days long, which is an improvement from the normal 50-70 day cycles

Halloween 2000: First ever BFP.

November 2000: It’s twins!!!

June 18, 2001: Kyra and Jaiden are born

February 2002: start learning about gestational surrogacy (GS)

August-September 2002: Clomid cycle for baby 3 works

May 22, 2003: Jordan is born

March 2004: Match with Sarah and Paul for GS journey #1

April 2004: properly diagnosed with PCOS/IR by RE during screening

June-July 2004: chemical/failed transfer

September 2004: new RE for IVF#2 sends me in for an endometrial biopsy. Local RE who did the procedure observes that my uterus looks “full” as if in very early pregnancy though it is clear that I am not pg. He suspects uterine cancer. D&C to “clear out” uterine lining. Pathology reveals no atypical cells (THANK GOD!)

October 2004: GS journey #1 ends – I need to focus on me, my health, and my family for a while

November 2004: start trying for baby 4 before something really does happen to me. 50 mgs Clomid & trigger – no follicles

December 2004: 100mgs Clomid & trigger – no follicles. If the next one doesn’t work it’s on to low-dose stims and IUI

January 2005: 150mgs Clomid & trigger, 2 mature follicles, baby 4 is on the way.

September 30, 2005:
Kaelyn is born

February 2006: Match with Former IM and Former IF for GS journey #2

July 2006: IVF#1 worked!

March 26, 2007: surrobaby Baby M is born

December 2007: match with Mia & Urs for GS journey #3

March 2008: IVF#1 failed

April-May 2008: cycling for IVF#2

June 2008: Positive hpts, two good betas then several bad betas, early m/c at 6w3d. The RE feels that Mia can carry her own pregnancy, so she will have testing in July to be sure. If here tests are good, she will have the FET. If her tests are less than optimal, I will have the FET.

July 2008: in limbo waiting for Mia’s testing

August 2008: Mia’s testing is clear! She begins cycling for a FET and I begin the search for new intended parents.

September 2008: Mia has a failed FET and moves on to ED, with transfer in December. I am lucky to have matched with friends Chance and Apollo. On hold while working out insurance issue for the (cross our fingers) baby.

January-March 2009: IVF#1 – chemical pregnancy/miscarriage, low betas

May- early June 2009: IVF#2 – chemical pregnancy/miscarriage AGAIN. Low, non-doubling betas. Chance and Apollo decide to stop all treatments and try to live life child-free. ๐Ÿ™

July 2009: matched again with another wonderful couple, but taking a mental and physical break from all cycling until December. IVF#1 is planned for January 2010!

August 2009: Mia delivers a baby girl!

January 2010-May 2010: More waiting due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, this surrogacy attempt didn’t pan out, but Miss W and I still became great friends through our wait and now she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders.

May 2010: reposted ad on the SMO Classifieds

June 2010: Tentatively matched with new IPs Nyoni and Umoja!

July 2010: A lengthy medical screening process begins. If all works out, transfer will likely be somewhere between late October/early November.

5 thoughts on “How I got here…”

  1. I am so proud of you and your journey. I feel inspired to start a blog of my own that relates to adoptive parents. As the adoptive mother of three, I went through my own journey and perhaps by sharing my tale, as you have shared yours, I can inspire others.
    Thank you for your superpowers.

  2. It is amazing to read your journey! you’ve kind of person who never give up then get the goal! Congratulations about you baby twins..
    hope you have happy life. It’s a nice story that you’ve been shared!

  3. does that mean you’re cycling now? Gosh, good luck! So is my surro, K. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love reading your posts but really have nothing constructive or interesting to say!
    I’m really really x 1,000,000,000,000 hoping this is the year for us. Its cycle #2 for us as well.
    take care,

  4. Oh, all these Clomid babies makes me hopeful! I’m just at the end of Cycle 4 on Clomid–cycles 2 and 4 have been successful for ovulation, so maybemaybemaybe soon.

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