4 x 4

Kaelyn 4

I cleared the cake crumbs and smeared icing away from the table while Kaelyn took her bath in my bathroom. She came into the kitchen wrapped in a towel thrice the size of her now four-year old frame saying, "Mommy! Please don't throw away my fishie bag!"

"What fishie bag?" I questioned.

"The one in the tub! I went fishing for bubblefish and put my fishies in bag! It's like a balloon except with water in it!"

"Oh!" I exclaimed, catching on to her imaginative play. "Did you catch a BIG bubblefish?"

"Yup, and it told me 'Happy birthday,' so now I'm going to keep it so don't throw it away."

"Okay, Pixie. Now let's go get your pj's on and pick out a book to read for bedtime."

With the birthday girl tucked into bed, I went to sop up the nightly bathtime flood. What I found in my tub was this:

Fishy bag

Note to self: must find better hiding place for the condoms.

Happy 4th birthday, Baby 4.

May you always keep me on toes (but please stop finding and playing with our condoms).

Go and see who else is standing at the front of the class at Mel's Show and Tell.

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  1. laughed~~cried~~laughed some more
    Its all good until they start throwing them out the second story window onto the sidewalk. Then you know you have a problem (ducks and hides).

  2. OMG…!! THANK YOU for the laugh, you just made my day!!
    Look at this way — it will be a great story to embarrass her with when she’s a teenager. ; )

  3. OMFG I love it! Guess that the upside to having no tubes. No need for those condom things.
    Here is what I got to hear from Seth today as we were coming home from the mall..
    Awwww baby’s first boner. *rolls eyes*

  4. Happy Birthday Kaelyn!
    Moxie, that is hysterical. I burst out laughing and had to read your post to my husband. He laughed too. πŸ™‚

  5. Wow. I simply cannot believe my little baby girl is 4 already. She looks so grown in that picture, Moxie. I’m telling you, she’s forever seared into my brain as the little girl with the bubble-bath Fu-Manchu. Crazy how much times have changed.
    Happy Birthday, Miss Kaelyn. Your Auntie Becky loves and misses you sooooooooooo much. Tell your mommy to check her school email for your birthday present!
    Love you guys.

  6. She’s such a beautiful girl! And she will be so horrified when she hears this story as an adult.
    Happy Birthday to the big 4 year old!

  7. lmao! Too funny!
    This is why hubster is getting the “fix.” No birth control for us. It’s too ironic anyway.
    Now I just have to keep the kiddos from find the, uh, *ahem* other stuff in our drawer.

  8. LMBO!!!! Too funny πŸ˜€ My colleague is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind because I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Happy birthday to Kaelyn!

  9. LOL, that’s my Kaelyn. Moxie if you don’t stop dropping dimes on El Cinco, I’m going to start posting your childhood stories that parallel the ones you write. LOL
    I have YOUR condom story too. *wink*

  10. Just when I thought nothing could make me laugh, you did. Thank you so much.
    (Here from Mel’s Show and Tell.)

  11. Please please PLEASE tell me that fishie bag was fresh out of the package!!!!!
    And I BEG GranGran to start posting the embarrassing stories!! πŸ™‚

  12. Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Incredible. Love it! We threw out all our fishie bags. Found out we never needed them to catch our bubbles after all….

  13. pricless! I busted out on this one- you will definitely have to save it for a really juicy sweet sixteen story.
    both pictures actually priceless- she’s beautiful! And so grown up looking!

  14. That is HILARIOUS! Luckily, my little guy is still to young to have run into anything like that, but it’s only a matter of time! I’m glad you can be a good sport about it!

  15. LOL!! OOOOH my goodness!! Hey girl, did you get me Q and A yet about your yummy cookies?! I’m getting your feature ready for my blog!

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