Oh. Em. Gee.

Because, DUDE! I am TOTALLY 31 going on 16 and you should for realz imagine me hopping on my toes like that girl from Flashdance and I'm fanning myself with my fingers and squealing in ultrasonic dog-soprano registries and OMG I could just CRY and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR look what I have:

Twilight tics

It's a bit blurry. I know. I'll translate:

12:01 AM

They went on sale this afternoon. Frank bought three – one for him, me, and my sister Dani. Notice that we have the 2nd-4th tickets sold here. Know what that means? We're practically the first people in this little town to get their hands on THE tickets.

Dani and I have our Team declaration shirts ready to wear.

So tell…

What part can you like, not wait to see on the big screen?

If you have absolutely know idea what I'm talking about, I'm not your friend anymore. Because, like – DUH!

23 thoughts on “Oh. Em. Gee.”

  1. I am totally going to the midnight showing on opening night. . .and taking the teenaged daughter of a friend, her mother, and other miscellaneous Twilight lovers! Can’t wait!

  2. Oh, and Frank is totally THE MAN for both buying tickets and being willing to sit through it with you. My husband wouldn’t dream of it.

  3. They went on sale here last month and my friend picked them up for all of us. So I will be watching it with you, but a timezone behind you! πŸ™‚

  4. Have fun! I will read that series someday but because it’s so addictive and I have other priorities right now I’ve resisted! Have a fabulous time and I can’t wait to read all about it on your blog!

  5. I was going to gush about how lucky you are to have Frank want to see the movie with you. And you are – that’s awesome! But if my husband sees me react when Jacob takes off his shirt… he might not talk to me for a while. mmmmmmmmm….
    Anyway – I’m Team Jacob in the movies. Team Edward in the books. I think this makes me superficial.

  6. You geek!
    No, the sad reality is I am older than you and I would LOVE to be the first to see it, but I have no friends locally that would go (and S. would LAUGH at me if I asked him). Drats.

  7. Yeah, so I broke down and read the first book…and my reaction was “Is this book supposed to be ABOUT teenagers or written by one?” Sigh. This is one trend that’s just going to have to slip on by me.
    Can we still be friends? I know what you’re talking about even though I do not share your enthusiasm…

  8. LOL – definitely still friends. As long as one at the very least knows that Edward and Jacob have something to do with that Twilight stuff that yippy teenagers (and adult geeks) are all a flutter about, you’re good with me whether you actually like it or not. πŸ™‚

  9. You are a very lucky woman. I don’t know if I’m going to attempt to go the first weekend. I may try a middle of the day/middle of the week showing.

  10. BabyMakingJourney

    I know what you are talking about, but I don’t follow the series. I bet it will be a lot of fun though!!! Good Luck with the crowds!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I do know what you are talking about but I’m going to make a blatant appeal to distract you:

  12. I had to go with the answer that had “frack” in it, because I am swoony over BSG.
    Isn’t the actor playing Jacob like 17? I just can’t get sexytime about that.

  13. I’m torn… I voted Edward because vampires give me the shivers in a good way, but young Taylor has a far, FAR better, um smile, yea I’m sticking with smile. Did you see the pics of him in a wet t-shirt at the beach??!! [faint]

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