I've Seen Your Picture, Your Name In Lights Above It*

Good people of the Internet, I have an announcement:

Julie — the Julie of A Little Pregnant — said that I was one of her favorite people inside the computer**.

I have arrived.

Julie, let's do lunch. We'll listen to Steely Dan and muse on their lyrics while drinking Kirschwasser from a shell (but there will be no San Francisco show and tell, as I've heard that the phrase means making out and/or gettin' busy. I'm flattered, but really — my San Francisco show and tells are reserved for Frank). I'll have my people call your people.


Curiosity question: Do you think of certain bloggers as having somewhat of a celebrity status? I don't mean people like Dooce who truly are celebrities. What I mean are people within our little nook of the blogosphere who have been writing for a while and have such a large following that when they've tracked little, tiny you back to your blog and left you some words, you feel extra-special.

Are there any who you wish you really could do lunch with?

I've been lucky enough to have Calliope and niobe as guests in my home and I fully admit to clapping and doing a little happy dance the first time each of them left comments here.

So tell — who are your personal blogger celebrities?

*One dozen free Big Ones to the first blogger who can tell me the song this line came from and the name of the band. No Googling allowed. We're working on the honor system here. If you win and you Googled and you choke on your cookies…well, you know why.

**Julie undoubtedly has lots of favorite people inside the computer, but as a long-time reader (but admittedly, a nearly full-time lurker) of her blog, her comment on my widdle bwog is worthy of a post of its own. Yes, I am kind-of a dork.

46 thoughts on “I've Seen Your Picture, Your Name In Lights Above It*”

  1. I don’t know the song, but the line sounds familiar. Darn it. Centerfold?
    I think you and Mel are the celebrities. Um, Calliope too.

  2. You and Mel, for sure. The song is by Steely Dan, it’s called Aja. From my generation (when the dinos roamed).
    I am happy when anyone reads. If they leave a comment it’s a nice thing. If not, I hope they got something good from what I wrote.
    I know that I have always loved your writing.

  3. Right band, right album, wrong song. You’re SOOO CLOSE!
    I’m also ALWAYS happy that ANYONE leaves me comments! I’m a total comment whore.

  4. Miss Lollipop and you are two of my bloggy heroes. ‘Course, now that I know you I think I might have to lower you to mortal status my thugette.

  5. I will be D-List always and I like it here. While I wouldn’t mind pulling in a big number of readers, I don’t think I have the type of style that brings in your average, non-IF/non-surro reader. And I’m totally okay with that, because I’d rather be here in this good company of a few people who I can know well than hundreds that I don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s all about the thug love, Kristin! We live to close not to manage to meet someday! Maybe we can get together and throw cheeseburgers at all the people much skinnier than us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. And to think that you were sooooo nervous. Little did you know that I was every bit the dumb ass in person that I am on my blog.

  8. I’ve had 3 major blog crushes — the ones that thrilled me to my bones when they first commented on my blog or sent me an e-mail. I think I’d probably sell my own toes to sit down with them for drinks.
    First there was grrl from Chez Miscarriage. Her words moved me, her first comment to me thrilled me. And in a way, I credit her emails several years ago with knowing you now. She is the one who directed me to SMO, who gave me all the basic information about surrogacy.
    Through her, I found alittlepregnant Julie. That woman’s kindness is only surpassed by her wit. Love!
    And the third is Zoot (www.misszoot.com). She’s funny, she’s geeky in the best possible way, and her writing is always so heartfelt.

  9. Definitely you’re one….Mel…there’s a couple of others that I’m just awed by when I see a comment.

  10. Little baby in Jess’s tummy – it’s time for you to come out now! Your mommy and daddy want to meet you and there’s a whole Internet full of women waiting to squeal over you!
    (and you are too worthy, Jess!)

  11. I’m deeply crushed that I came to serious blogging (both reading and writing) too late to have read grrl. Her reputation lingers and I wish that I could have read along because she sounds wonderful.

  12. I’d happily do lunch with you, Julie, Cali, Julia, hm, well (this is where I get into trouble because I don’t want to give away REAL names when I should give away fake ones), um, man, anyone.
    See, I don’t know ANY Midwestern bloggers. Is that sad or WHAT?

  13. Midwesterner over here!
    I love you Kim. Io is also a celeb of mine as well as Mel. There are lots of others. R at Heart Cries for instance.

  14. I have many bloggy crushes, and, like a schoolgirl, they change.
    But that’s not the same as rockstar.
    You are one of my crushes.
    And, Peg! And this song has been going through my head all day, since I first saw your tweet!

  15. *Someone catch me while I faint – I’m one of Lori’s blog crushes!*
    What might the Weebles family like for their dozen cookies? More chocolate cherry bombs, or perhaps some spicy Vampire Bites to warm you in the middle of that snowstorm?
    You win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. You and Mel, of course. And I love Jen’s blog,http://www.jennepper.com/ because I can pretty much count on laughing out loud when I read her blog, and maybe snorting a little!
    Congrats on the match, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And, OMG! I have the most beautiful assortment of pee sticks with darkening double lines! You’d love it!

  17. Hmmm. Wait, has no one gotten the song yet? OK, so Steely Dan, and … Oh darn. I can tell you why Steely Dan is named Steely Dan. I can tell you that my hubby claims that what is “wrong” with my generation (why, yes, thank you, we are far enough apart in age that it is reasonable for him to tell me I am of a different generation, in fact) is that when we hear the line, “The Cuervo Gold, the fine Colombian …” we believe the latter must be a reference to coffee (not!) … I can tell you that … oh darn … geez, no big ones for me, eh. Darnit.
    Um, rockstars … Julie, Julia (of Hippogrifs), Mel, Tertia, Grrrrl, Karen (of Naked Ovary), Akeeyu, Cecily, Mare, Alexa. I also very, very fondly remember the writing of Jessica (CancerBaby) and in her memory I still leave my panties on top of my pants when I peel off my clothes at the doctor’s office. Yes, really (and I hope doing that is not flip or inappropriate, but it relates to a post she wrote and I do truly hope is a way to memorialize a small part of how she chronicled and took on the irritation and silliness of the real yet non-existent modesty of the OB/Gyn office). I’m probably omitting important others.
    There are also particular posts I recall and/or return to over and over (some of which I may be misattributing): Karen on the Pain Olympics, Julie on 3.5%, on “my work here is done”, and on having a baby in the NICU, Julia’s use of playdough to explain translocations, and her post on Resolution, Mare’s island, and being her own urban legend, Niobe’s alternate universe, Cecily on the experience of losing her boys, to name a few.
    Now you see why I don’t have enough spare brain cells to remember the titles of Steely Dan songs … they’re all devoted to blog posts.

  18. “…the fine Colombian. Make toniiiiiiight a woooooonderful thiiiiiiiiiiing. Say it again, baby.”
    Alex, you also win a dozen cookies for alluding to one of my Top 5 favorite Dan songs, “Hey Nineteen.” Which, as I’m sure is intentional on your part, is an apt song to use when discussing the age difference between you and your husband. Pffft to him for thinking that “our generation” was corrupted by Steely Dan. So what if they named themselves after a vibrator. I’m sure that YOU know who ‘retha Franklin is. I remember the Queen of Soul just as much as you. And about that Cuervo Gold – makes no difference if it’s coffee or weed – they’re both mood-altering substances which can help you have a happy-joy-joy day. One speeds you up, the other slows you down (and makes you hungry).
    You rattled off an AWESOME list of posts. Most of those were written when I had little knowledge of blogging, but in the time that I’ve been a blogger, most of your blog crushes have also become mine and I read those posts in their archives. It was cool to read the specific posts you rattled off and know that those were also posts that are unforgettable and resonated long-term within me, too.

  19. I have a big ol’ blogger crush on Julia. Seriously. I get excited when Google Reader tells me she wrote a new post, and I save it for last so I can really enjoy it. Like dessert. Recently she has been talking about making real-life friends, and every time she brings it up, I wish I lived in Minnesota so we could hang out.

  20. ME TOO. Actually, there’s too much snow and cold in Minnesota. I wish that she lived down here in Georgia so that we could hang out.
    How are those adorable twin boys of yours doing?

  21. Addendum (I forgot to talk about the celebrity part): As I am wishing Julia and I could be pals, I don’t believe it would ever happen anyway because I feel like she’s a different level of person than I am, celebrity style.
    On the same note, even though I know, logically, that you, Moxie, are an IF blogworld celeb (because of the quality of your work and the extent of your involvement in the community), I don’t really feel it, and it is your own fault because you talk to me (in the form of comments, of course). No one who is a celebrity of any sort would do that.

  22. They are GREAT! More fun every day. They just turned one two days ago, and I still can’t believe it. I’ve got a new post about them in the works (you know, my quarterly post… do I even post THAT often?). Just have to get together a couple of video clips before I post it.

  23. Oh so many bloggers, including you of course, that I’d love to have lunch with. Totally can’t wait for Mel’s post-BlogHer ’10 gathering.
    My brush with a celeb blogger has been getting together with Matt and Maddy Logelin twice now. Even gave Maddy a bottle the first time.
    Alexicographer, I heard about CancerBaby after she was gone, but I occasionally leave my panties on top of the pile of clothes in defiance. Really now, welcome to my vag, but please don’t look at my panties. Ridiculous. I’ve been informally polling female drs about this. Turns out they tuck away their panties, too. (One claimed it was so they wouldn’t fall on the floor. Yeah, right.)

  24. Wait, when did I become a celebrity? If you had smelled me during the H1N1 fiasco last week, you would not have had a crush.
    I would like to kiss all of you right now. Big, fat, wet kisses.

  25. This made me remember I never did tell you what cookies I wanted. DAMN MOVING BRAIN!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Okay, Celeb bloggers…I was beyond thrilled when Mel commented on my blog the first time (and actually ANY TIME!) She must have a zillion blogs in her reader!
    I also was so excited when you clicked over to me and told ME how funny you thought I was!! I mean come on- really? Could you imagine George Carlin telling Joe Schmoe off the street he is funny? I felt honored.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I also get excited if I see ANY comments on my blog. I am so easy to please!

  26. Ooooh! I am so excited! Thank you, Moxie!!! It’s a great point about the 19 (technically it’s 16.5, but who’s counting? And fortunately, even if the hubby and I can’t dance together, we CAN talk at all).

  27. I would have to say you, Mel, Cali…but not as celebrities, just that I think we could hang as my husband would say. Mind you, you and I have already decided we could do that. I’m always thrilled to meet bloggers I read or who read me. Considering my blog is a wasteland these days for posts, except for Show & Tells, I’m amazed I have any readers left. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do know the song btw, and I won’t post it here because I confess I did google it because I was surprised that 24 hours after your post, no one had gotten it. Let’s just say it’s a nickname. ๐Ÿ™‚ That way someone else can win.

  28. I so miss Cancer Baby and Emilie at Lemmondrops. Otherwise I do read all the usuals avidly. I credit Thalia with my reading any blogs at all. From her I now have a burgeoning feed reader I cant keep up with at all.

  29. Can I admit that I’m a lurker who’s always loved your blog? I also love Julie and Mel, and DD has always been one of my favorites. The fact that I got to meet DD was extra awesome, and the day that Julie commented on my blog made me grin from ear-to-ear. (Seriously, an IRL friend e-mailed me and said JULIE COMMENTED ON YOUR BLOG!!! We’re big dorks like that.)

  30. Oh Mel and Julia (her “twinkles” crack me up!) are two favorites of mine to read and if I could meet them I would think “whoa – celebrity!”. But I also think you are very celebritorious. Plus you have some kickin’ dance moves. I think of you and Frank like Brangelina or Beniffer or one of those hot celebrity couples.

  31. Absolutely! There are certain people who will leave me a comment every now and then… and my heart gets all fluttery. Tee hee! That’s part of the fun of blogging, for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. You are such a celeb girl, such a big one, hey that was cool, LOL! Of course Lollipop/Mel, Lori at Weebles, Aunt Becky, Calliope, Cassandra at Baby Smiling and I could go on and on….there are so many, many more hot bloggers that I just shiver if/when they comment on my digs.

  33. “Babylon Sisters” from Gaucho – not Aja – Verse 2:
    We’ll jog with show folk on the surf
    Drink kirschwasser from a shell
    San Francisco show and tell
    Well you should know by now that it’s just a spasm
    The kid will live and learn
    As he watches his bridges burn
    From the point of no return

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  35. Oh, Steely Dan. I’m somewhat obsessed with them. One of Darcy’s friends once told me he went to Bard College and I screamed OMG, STEELY DAN MET THERE! and he got scared and changed the subject.

    Blogging heroes: I have them. You are one as is Julie. Not at all surprised she’s a fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ The first person who ever commented on my blog was Mel. I have no idea how she found it, but I remember being so incredibly starstruck and honored. I still can’t believe she found my piddly little blog.

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