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I only have a minute because my desk has junk stacked 3 feet high on and around it and there is also that pesky business of expanding the minds of tomorrow to attend to, but I wanted to pop in quickly to let you know that Frank's Big Ones is now fully open again on Etsy. A few changes:

  • New varieties: Oatmeal Raisin, Vampire Bite, Chocolate Cherry Bombs, Caught in the Mo'Mint, Monkeygirl (which is like the MonkeyBOY, except without nuts. Heh.) Of course, you can still buy Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Pecan, Cherry Bombs, Monkeyboy, and Sugar Daddy.
  • $18 per dozen for "Nice" cookies.
  • $20 per dozen for "Naughty" cookies.
  • Shipping – $8 for the first dozen and $5 for each additional dozen. Please convo me if you'd like to order more than 4 dozen at once. 
  • If you'd like cookies in time for Thanksgiving, please order by Nov. 18 to guarantee that they'll make it to you in time. 
  • On November 8, be on the lookout for an All Thumbs review on Frank's Big Ones written by our very own rock star Lori.

And just because I think he's sexy, especially when he's being all fatherly and whatnot:


Tell me this – what dishes are on your Thanksgiving menu? Do you stick to traditional menus and recipes that remind you of home or do you look to reinvent Thanksgiving dinner either in part or in whole each year?

(Mom – please do not attempt spinach dip again. It's been seven years. Touch the screen with your left hand, raise your right hand, and repeat after me:

I, Gwendolyn – MommyLady of Moxie – do hereby solemnly swear that I will not attempt spinach dip for either Thanksgiving or Christmas or Kwanzaa dinner. If I do back on my word and DO, once again, try to make spinach dip, I will not, under any circumstances, slather a corn chip with said dip and force my grown daughters to try it. I do, however, reserve the right to chase my grandchildren around the house with the slop-covered Tostito and threaten to withhold dessert if they don't at least try a bite.

'preciate it, Lady.)

23 thoughts on “Smart Cookies”

  1. HA! The spinach dip! I tried a pumpkin pie with tofu in it, and it did not turn out well. I think Dirty may have made me state the same pledge. Rightfully so, although PLEASE don’t tell him I just admitted that! He’ll NEVER let me live it down!
    I just started making honey garlic meatballs at Easter and they were SO good! Now every time we go to my in-laws, I’m asked to bring them. I’ll be bringing them for every holiday dinner now!
    YAY for cookies!

  2. Vampire bites are the bomb! Not to be confused with my other fav. the Cherry Bombs. Of course you haaaaad to come back on Etsy right after I disabled Frank’s button on my page. Too many emails asking why I was teasing people while the shop was closed. Going to reactivate it.
    We don’t really do Thanksgiving dinner. Unless we go to a relatives house. Ham with pineapple glued to it makes me wanna ralph!

  3. Your mom needs to grab a Middle Eastern cookbook to get the most fabulous spinach and yoghurt dips. I kill for the stuff. Not sure it goes with turkey and all the trimmings mind….

  4. Squee! So glad you’re open again!
    Check your email — I have a question for you.
    I think you should have a “How Big Are Frank’s Big Ones” contest. I’ll have a few examples in my post ;-).

  5. Every year that we go to Thanksgiving on my side of the family, I make the chocolate pie. Every year my husband asks me, “Why are you making chocolate pie? Try something different!” Every year I explain to him that I would not be welcome if I did not bring the chocolate pie. My family loves me, but there are standards that must be met.
    We’re pretty traditional. I’m also big on real (i.e. made fresh) Cranberry sauce. Geez, I capitalized it. How silly is that? But it’s important.
    We steer clear of spinach dip, but I still have fond memories of the amount of alcohol (whiskey?) one of my (late) aunts worked into her sweet potato casserole. Yow!
    Thanksgiving: love it.

  6. mmm… cookies!
    We are pretty traditional- my aunt always tweaks the turkey just a bit- sometimes cooking upside down, sometimes brined- whatever martha is doing this year!
    I make either roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes- no marshmallow gooiness here. Mom makes pies- apple, pumpkin & cherry. I can’t wait now- getting hungry!
    Very cute picture by the way!

  7. We’re pretty traditional, except most folks in my family don’t like mushrooms, so our green bean casserole is made with cheese soup instead. A lot of people who hear about this change their recipe, too!
    mmm, cheese…

  8. Since I am Lori’s — the rock star’s — sister, and I will be with her this weekend and on Thanksgiving, I’m hoping to be in on the review of Frank’s Big Ones.
    Wouldn’t that be sweet??? πŸ™‚

  9. Lol mom said “she betta not be talkin bout my spinach dip.”, before I even read it to her. she said “FYI i GOT A NEW recipe and do we want Hawaiian bread or chips with it”. She thinks it has artichokes in it.
    I will not eat it here or there.
    I will not each it anywhere.
    And definitely not with Hawaiian bread or chips.

  10. We alternate between Thanksgiving with my family and Thanksgiving with JD’s. This year, we’re with my family! Yay!!! Actual good food! No screaming! Stuffing!

  11. Cute pic!!! T-day dinner…I have only cooked once- and it wasn’t really pretty. It was just the two of us. I thought I bought just a turkey breast- but it was a regular, but small turkey. I tried some orange sweet potato creation that my husband almost vomitted up. The rolls turned out rock hard. Ugh. I am going to my aunts house and taking egg nog bundt cake. I don’t think that I will try again for a while- we ended up ordering Chinese later that night. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh dare you tempt me with the cookies again woman! I actually just went on and checked etsy the other day…I may cave…maybe. πŸ™‚

  13. I can not get the link to work for the cookies. It says no user id sent. I see that I am the only one to have this problem, or at least mention it. Please help me!

  14. My mom does a nifty broccoli and cheese casserole, only 11 billion calories. My uncle always does unspeakable things to cranberries. Sometimes we do this chocolate pudding layer ‘cake’ – casserole? – it’s got a sweet baked crumble crust with nuts in, a whipped cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding layer, whipped cream layer. OMG soooo good.

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