Because I'm an Idiot

The fact that I labeled my previous post "Smart Cookies" isn't ironic so much as it points out just how much of a dumb ass I am. You may not remember, but my original header before I went all Superwoman featured a graphic based on this shirt (which is, in fact, how the name of my blog came to be):

My blog subtitle used to be "Or a dumb one, depending on who you ask." My blog title is not really a claim of intelligence. It's actually a nod for how I am varying shades of smart ass and dumb ass depending on which part of my brain is more (or less) functional from day to day.

In my last post announcing the reopening of Frank's Etsy shop, my brain was clearly in KYM IS A COLOSSAL DUMB ASS mode. Two reasons:

  1. I entered the link to Frank's shop incorrectly, which means that those of you who tried to use it ended up going nowhere further than Etsy's home page. There is a reason why I went into Education and not Business or Marketing. I've gone back and fixed the link in the last post, but here it is again (the right way, this time): Frank's Big Ones.
    (Special thanks to Nicole for helping me figure that out. I LOVED your and your husband's Halloween costumes. Did he socket to you? I slay myself.)
  2. Through the couple of months that we were closed, Frank and I discussed varying prices for the cookies and shipping. The ones that I painstakingly entered into Etsy and into the previous post just before the launch were the WRONG ONES. This, I blame entirely on Frank because he is equal parts indecisive and genius cookieman. He flip-flopped several times, made a decision, I acted on said decision, then last night he said, "DUDE – wrong prices!" Then I picked up the nearest cookie and threw it boomerang style with Matrix-like precision, clocking him straight between his eyes and knocking him out cold. Okay not really, but for a split second I did envision myself having a Trinity moment and knocking Frank out with one quick flick of my hand. SO – all of that to say that the REAL prices are:
  • $16 per dozen for the Nice cookies and $18 per dozen for the Naughty Cookies.
  • Shipping: $7 for the first dozen and $4 for each additional dozen. 

For easy comparison to where we were priced over the summer:

  • SUMMER prices = $18-20 including shipping.
  • CURRENT prices = $23-25 including shipping. Basically, it's only $5 over what we charged in the summer, which I don't think is too bad for the massive amount of cookie you get in the order.

Also, when Lori posts her review this Sunday on All Thumbs, there will be a new contest to win a dozen of Frank's Big Ones. Be on the lookout both here and there for the contest announcement.

Unrelated, but very important side note: Have you submitted an entry for the Creme de la Creme yet?

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The Best of the Adoption/Loss/Infertility Blogs of 2009

IN CONCLUSION (I hate when writing pieces end with "In conclusion"
because DUH! – of COURSE it's the conclusion; you don't have to tell me.
Stuff like that only works with The Bible: "IN THE BEGINNING…" right
at the beginning because DUH! – it's GOD and He can pretty much have the Bible written however He wants to):

A.) PLACE AN ORDER – the link is

B.) PLACE AN ORDER – prices are up only $5 from where the were in the summer.

C.) Read All Thumbs this Sunday to find out how you can PLACE AN ORDER and have an entry in the contest.

D.) Submit your entry for the Creme de la Creme

E.) I'm a Dumb Ass.

11 thoughts on “Because I'm an Idiot”

  1. Oh yeah, a woman with 5 kids, a hubby, lesson plans, papers to grade, blogs to write, and a business to run should be 100% flawless! I’m so ashamed of you.

  2. To quote my mom: “They say kids get their intelligence from their mother. Which must be true, because I gave all mine to you and your brother.”
    No worries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hey- random question, how long does it take to get the cookies? if i ordered tomorrow let’s say, does it take a few days to ‘process’ then 3-5 days for shipping? if this is covered on the page i’m sorry for asking on here…

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