How Big Are Your Big Ones?

"SHOW ME YOUR BIG ONES!" said the sexy man to the unwitting holders of his sweet rounds.

If your first instinct was to lift your shirt and flash the computer screen, get your mind out of the gutter. I made that sound about 500 times dirtier than it really is.

We do really want to see your big ones, though. Frank's Big Ones, that is. Buy a dozen of Big Ones, and then you'll have the chance to enter a contest to win a free dozen!

It's the How Big Are Your Big Ones contest! Take a picture of your Big Ones, preferably one which shows the scale. The funnier or more original, the better.

Entering is simple:

1. BUY BIG ONES, then take a picture. 

2. Either email the picture to me (SmartOneMoxie AT gmail DOT com) or post the picture to your blog and send me the permalink to that entry. See? Simple.

All entries must be received by December 8. At that time, Frank and I will choose the top three pictures on December 9. Each winner will receive a free dozen cookies.

So, SHOW ME YOUR BIG ONES! Buy now, because for orders placed between now and November 15, we're offering 10% off your total order. In the Note to Seller, include a mention of
All-Thumbs to get the discount. At this point, Etsy just isn't built to register a
discount at the point of sale, so I'll reimburse the 10% via PayPal after
the order is placed.

Be sure to read Lori's All Thumbs review which goes live somewhere around 11pm EST tonight!

Can't wait to see your Big Ones!

(Though I wish that I could take credit for the stroke of brilliance that is this contest, it is by far more pleasing to know that Lori is the one who came up with the idea. She and the Weebles family have been through something like five dozen Big Ones, and her support right from the beginning has been a huge honor. Love you, Lori!)

9 thoughts on “How Big Are Your Big Ones?”

  1. Hee Hee…I am Lori’s sister and we are sitting right next to each other as I type. She just told me I could taste Frank’s Big Ones.
    Lucky, lucky me! Right place, right time, right cookie! Yum!

  2. Moxie,
    I’m here via Kristin and Shout Out Sunday. You run in some awesome circles .. I’m an admirer (er, stalker) of many of your friends. Looks like you’re next on my list! ;o)
    I’ve got an SOS recipient button code if you would like to pop it on your sidebar. Drop me a line at ourfullcircle at gmail dot com.
    So nice to meet you!! :o)

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