Delurking Week (aka It's Not You, It's Me Week)

You do realize that Delurking Week is actually more about the blog writer than it is about the blog reader, don't you? We stand on our blog platforms and use the delurking post like a digital loudspeaker:


Or something like that.

But seriously, when I first started blogging here two years ago, I had a minor obsession with watching my StatCounter to get a glimpse of who was stopping by to visit. It was and is something of a thrill to know that someone on the other side of the country, or even the world tunes in to read my drivel. I wonder what they think and if what they read while here is some of what they were looking for.

Self-centeredly, I wonder what it is about me and my writing that keeps you coming back for more. You-centeredly (I totally just made that word up), I wonder about you and whether or not what you take from here improves the quality of your day, even if at just a microscopic level.

So, please delurk and do me the honor of fulfilling my self-centered desire of knowing who you are and why you like visiting. Also, how did you first find me?

And since I'm being all it's all about me right now, please, PLEASE have your own personal moment of self-centeredness in the comments and give me the low down on what's going on in world. Shamefully, I've been practically as absent in others' blogs as I've been on my own. I have over 600 posts backed up in my reader, and though I hate to do it, I'll have to wipe the slate clean and start fresh if I have any hope staying caught up with commenting again. It would help me out tremendously if you could give me the Cliffs Notes version of what you've been blogging about in the past month or so. I know; I'm lame.

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30 thoughts on “Delurking Week (aka It's Not You, It's Me Week)”

  1. I tend to lurk – it’s a bad habit, but I rarely feel cool enough to comment – it’s not you, it’s me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love your perspective, love to read a south Georgia blogger (former Statesboro girl here), love how you can make me laugh and cry and occasionally snarf whatever I happen to be drinking at the moment…

  2. Hey, Moxie. I would have to wipe the slate clean way before 600 posts, so, please, no guilt.
    In the last month, my divorce was finalized, I got my name back, I turned 33, and just this week found out my program is out of money and they’ll have to eliminate a position by the end of June (I’m the most recent hire). Exciting stuff!
    Oh, and I bought an expensive camera for a photography class I’m starting this month. How’s that for Cliff’s notes?
    Man, do I really need a blog if I can condense it like that?

  3. I don’t always leave a comment, but I do ready every blog post you write. I keep coming back because you make me laugh, and I think you’re witty!
    I enjoy reading the things you have to say.

  4. I’m a lurker, plain and simple….don’t have a blog, got hooked on other women’s blogs after my miscarriage, and now stay with yours because I love hearing about your journey to help others through surrogacy. I’m a reproductive psychiatrist, so I see lots of infertile, pregnant and postpartum women. Reading blogs (while not a scientific sample) gives me a glimpse into other women’s worlds, and helps me be a more compassionate person and doctor. Thanks for writing!

  5. Currently on the back end of the 2ww. Feeling nauseated, dizzy and boob-hurty. Suspicious that even though I’m not on Prometrium this time, my body is just trying to f–k with me.

  6. I comment. No lurking, not anymore. (I lurked for awhile becasue I am shy and you seem awesome, far too awesome for the likes of nerdy me).
    My life? My dog died. I saw my inlaws. It took two months to get over a cold. The end.

  7. I’m pretty much not a lurker, but hi anyhow! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Th past month? Ethan’s bday (good), Christmas (good), ttc (nonexistant and whatever), my bday (good), people don’t ever get what I’m saying cause they’re stupid. The end! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I read u cuz u rite reel good. You maike mee smyle.
    Oh, and I’ve been writing about being pregnant. Because I am. And I love it.
    Also about the great Atlanta flurry blizzard 2010. Because I saw a flake today and they let school out early.

  9. I’m pretty sure you know I’m around. I can’t even begin to remember how I found you (or if you found me or whatever); it kinda feels like I’ve always been here.
    Anyway… what do I get from Moxie’s blog?… I get to peek into the life of a fun and loving mom, a half of a kick-ass couple, a gracious friend, and a crusader against the evils of infertility who, through her highs and lows, always knows her Self. To get just a little smarmy, reading your blog inspires me. You’ve been through many of the same things I’ve been through (and then some) and have come out on the other end a better person for it; it makes me feel like I can be better, too. Plus, I love counting such a cool person as a friend even if it is confined to blogworld.
    As far as what is going on with me, I am trying my hardest all day long not to puke. Almost all of my energy that is not spent on taking care of Link & JJ is spent on that.

  10. Nothing new in the last month, so you haven’t missed much. I clicked over from another blog and have commented once in a blue moon. I usually read blogs while breastfeeding or pumping so comments are rare but reading-time is plentiful.

  11. Bwahahahaha, me lurk…no. I know where you live…I can find you! Seriously, I can’t remember exactly how I found your blog. I think I found it through something on Mel’s blog but I’m not sure.

  12. I don’t think I’ve commented here before, or at least not in awhile, but I’ve been lurking on & off for a long time. I think I found you via Stirrup Queens (don’t we all find each other there??). You always write such great comments on other people’s blogs & I keep following them back here. I finally surrendered & subscribed in my Google Reader. : )
    This month? Spent Christmas with my parents, left our support group after 11 years. Feeling old as I approach another birthday, but also feeling excited about the possibilities of a new year & a new decade.

  13. lurker here. I found you through SMO. I finally got to have some Frank’s Big Ones courtesy of Tammi. I read because we have alot in common….a boatload of kids, a wry sense of humor, and a slight obsession with uterine loaning.

  14. I READ.
    Found you through Stirrup Queens, probably. Maybe the Limerick Chick contest? But it seems to predate that.
    I keep coming back for the humor, the wit, the smarts, the surprises, the glimpses of Frank, and your other awesome readers/commenters.
    As for my update? Baby Me ole same old. Ordinary moments through my slightly off-center mind.

  15. You make me laugh all the time – that’s why I keep coming back! And you make me think and cry sometimes too. Darn good writing woman!
    To catch you up: I’m hanging out in Japan again. We’re here until probably the end of March. I’m trying to find new and inventive ways to eat cabbage — the farm is producing quite a bit and there’s no such thing (in my experience as a SMALL head of cabbage!).

  16. I am a lurker-There I said it!- coming all the way from Vancouver Canada (home of the Olympics next month). I don’t comment but absolutely love your blog.

  17. Not a lurker (any more ;-), but I do have my own overflowing reader, so HI! Hi! I love you. I read everything. The holidays with four kids…I’ve been blogging pretty much what you’ve probably been living, except without the job. XO.

  18. I’m usually just a lurker to your blog; not sure how I found it a year or two ago but have loved it since day one. I, too, have boy girl twins (which might be why I don’t comment enough– always having to stop mid-post to break up a fight, return a toy, or potty a toddler). Either way, I like your writing style. It’s grammatically perfect with no spelling errors (a HUGE thing for me, it allows me to actually ENJOY what I’m reading lol).

  19. Not exactly a lurker! I visit because you have a kick-ass personality, I love your humor, you have a neat family, and I secretly wish I could be a gestational surrogate, so I enjoy hearing about your journey. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  20. Mostly a lurker, but I’ve commented a few times. How did I end up here? Niobe noted your blog in one of her posts. So I clicked over. I keep coming back because you’re a good writer and I enjoy reading and following your story. It’s compelling, touching, and funny.

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