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My 2nd blogoversary is on January 26. I've felt like there's been little to celebrate. I began this blog near the beginning of my quest deliver a second surrobaby. Here I sit, moving into year three (and couple three), and I'm still technically no closer to accomplishing my goal than I was when I started. I could let that day continue to give me a reason to sit around feeling sorry for myself, but that's no fun. It's also unproductive.

I woke up this morning realizing that my moping was all a matter of perspective; I've been looking at the past two years from the wrong angle. I may not have been able to deliver a baby to either Mia and Urs or to Chance and Apollo, but there are many things that I was able to accomplish, thanks either in part or whole to this blog:

  • helped Mia find an egg donor. Now, Mia and Urs have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl.
  • helped educate five prospective intended parents and get them started on their paths.
  • helped three surrogates find their way, two of which are currently pregnant and the third is cycling.
  • facilitated a match between one of those IPs and one of the surrogates: niobe and Trish (betcha didn't know that, did you?), who are due in April. 
  • I'm currently matched with the lovely Miss W, who is also one of the five IPs I helped.
  • hosted the first Sock It to Me, which was a huge success and a bright spot for many ALI bloggers (by the way, the 2nd Sock It to Me is now open and so far is up to more than 40 participants!).

I haven't accomplished my personal goal yet, but my efforts to help build families have not gone completely unsuccessful. Parenthood has or will find its way to six couples. What's not to celebrate about that

As a blogoversary gift, help me continue to help parenthood efforts by helping Parenthood for Me. Many of you know that fellow ALI blogger Erica and her husband A.J. have been working hard to get their non-profit grant program off of the ground. For those who don't know, Erica and A.J. struggled with infertility and spent thousands of dollars in unsuccessful ART procedures. After much soul-searching, they shifted gears and pursued adoption. In 2008, they adopted a son, who is now the light of their lives.

Now, Erica and A.J. are dedicated to helping others find parenthood. Through Parenthood for Me (PFM), couples and individuals can apply for grants to help assist with some of the costly expenses involved with infertility treatments and adoption such as travel fees, attorney fees, medications not covered by insurance, and homestudy fees. They began accepting applications for grants on January 2nd, and the first grants will be awarded in June 2010.

As you can imagine, a rather large endowment must be built. So far, PFM has raised several thousand dollars. In April, Erica and A.J. are hosting the first Annual Family-Building Dinner and Silent Auction in Rochester, New York on April 10. This is the largest fundraiser to date and will really give PFM the wings it needs to fly. The cost is $100 per ticket, with over 50% of the price going directly to the endowment. Sponsors can also donate for various levels of recognition, from $3,000 Gold Sponsorship to donation of an item valued at $100 for the silent auction.

I would like for us, the ALI blogging community, to pull together and raise at least enough money for a $250 Table Sponsorship. A sign representing "us" would be placed on one of the tables at the dinner. What a powerful idea it is for us to be there in spirit, knowing that our efforts would go towards accomplishing someone, possibly one of us, achieve parenthood.

My goal is that by my blogversary of January 26, we'll have raised $250 (or more!) for an ALI Blogger table. To donate using either PayPal or a credit card, click the button below:

(If you'd like to copy the donation button onto your blog, you can find the code here.)

I became a surrogate as a way of "paying it forward." Helping others try to achieve parenthood has been my way of giving thanks for the blessings that were given to me. Given the tribulations of the past two years, I know that it would have been difficult for me to continue striving to do so if it wasn't for you and your support. Join me in celebrating what I have been able to accomplish by once again helping me to pay it forward by supporting Erica and Parenthood for Me.

See who else is up for Show and Tell this week!

17 thoughts on “Celebrate With Me”

  1. Of course I understood right away what Niobe did last spring, right away means after she came out about Trish and everything. I already knew you are like that, and that this is not the end.
    Lots of love to Urs, Mia, their daughter and you! It was heartbreaking then, it’s heartfilling now!

  2. Moxie, I am so glad you listed all of the wonderful things you have done to help people. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for helping PFM.

  3. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps this morning myself, but this post picked me up — helped me to see the positive side of things. So thank you. Also a good kick in the butt to remind me that doing good feels good.

  4. I think you are one amazing woman! I wish I could go up to NY for the dinner, but I think a table from “us” is an awesome idea. Thanks for organizing this.

  5. Happy blogoversary! (blogiversary? blogeversay? spelling is not my strong point).
    I’m sure you already know this, but I am so incredibly grateful for all you’ve done for me. Without you (and, of course, Trish, but you know what I mean), we wouldn’t be looking foward to meeting this little girl in April. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  6. Happy Blogversary!
    I just donated, I’m aware of the organization and try to help them out when I can. I wasn’t able to donate much.. but hey it’s a start.
    I also put the link on my blog.
    Awesome job.

  7. You have an even greater impact than you know – I’m sure of it. Before I found your blog, I hadn’t read much from the perspective of a surrogate. I knew a little about surrogacy, but more of it was technical than emotional. Your amazing descriptions of the personal relationships that are involved has made the whole process much more real and I consider your blog to be a priceless resource.

  8. Happy almost Blogoversary!! I think it’s awesome what you do and have done! I thought of being a surrogate when I was a mere 19-20 years old, never knowing I would be on “the other side”. I still think about and would love to do it, and I think you might help me make my decision!

  9. Way to give yourself some credit for once, Moxie:o) You are an inspiration to the infertile community, never forget that! If I get to the point in my journey someday where I can surrogate for a couple I will 100%, and I have YOU to thank for that for raising awareness.
    You keep rockin’on, Moxie!

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