PFM Fundraiser Update!

As of 2:00 pm, we've raised $275 for Erica and Parenthood for Me!

Oooh, Frank is going to look SO HOT shakin' his skinny butt in my short, Satiny, purple-sequined, off-the-shoulder, 1995 prom dress.

There are still five days left to go before my blogoversary.

Think we can raise another $75 between now and then to see Frank get his royal unadulturated groove on in tight shorts and a g-string?

8 thoughts on “PFM Fundraiser Update!”

  1. I’m liking this new look! I’m going to see what I can do to help raise that $75, that’s a small price to pay to see Frank in a g-string!
    You’re hilarious!! Love!

  2. C h i r l e e n

    That’s AWESOME! Hope you reach your goal, I really wish I could afford to donate … DH & I are looking at having to halt our efforts due to the lack of $$…

  3. Jase changed the password to the PayPal account and won’t tell me what it is!
    I shouldn’t have warned him that I might emotionally shop while trying to quit smoking. DOH!

  4. This is AWESOME!!!! I absolutely love the new header. Moxie you are the greatest for organizing this. And a huge thanks to everyone who donated and participated.

  5. I have been in a fog of super busy + sleep deprived. I also don’t get paid until next week, which may cut it close… all these excuses to say I really ~want~ to contribute & ~hope~ to- but if I don’t get to I a, sorry!
    Cuz tight shorts & a g string sounds hilarious!!!!

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