Sock It to Me Sign-Up is Open Until the 24th!

I'm not really all that smart because if I were, I would have realized that I had the wrong dates in the sign-up post. This oversight on my part finally became apparent this morning after the third email that went something like, "I KNOW I MISSED THE DEADLINE, BUT IS IT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP? IF IT'S TOO LATE I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, BUT I'D REALLY LIKE TO JOIN IN IF THERE'S STILL TIME! YOU ARE THE AWESOME AND MY LIFE WOULDN'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT PARTICIPATING AND I MIGHT JUST GO JUMP OFF THAT BRIDGE OVER THERE IF I CAN'T PLAY ALONG, TOO!"

Okay, so no one likes me that much (I sure hope not, because I ain't jumping off a bridge for NO ONE…unless it was one of those playground bridges over the sandbox), but there was lots of enthusiasm shown today and after receiving the sixth such email a little while ago, I figured I'd better post the correct information so no one has to panic about missing the deadline.

The last day to sign up will be this Sunday, January 24 and I will have your sock buddy assignments sent to you by the 26th. In addition to signing up on the form, please be sure to add your blog to the original sign up post so that it's easier for us to blog hop. Sock hop. Sock blog hop. Something like that.

Though there are only two days left to sign up, here's the code for the sign up badge:


When I send your sock buddy assignment, I'll include a new code for a SITM participant badge that you can leave up on your blog until Sock It to Me Week. 

As usual, if you have any questions (or just want to use *jazz hands* to express how excited you are for SITM), drop a comment or an email to me!

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