• A grand total of $366 was donated to Erica's Parenthood for Me from the ALI community! I love, love, LOVE that we were able to raise more than enough for a Table Sponsorship at PFM's First Annual Family Building Dinner and Silent Auction. Thanks so, so much to all who've helped!
    amount of ALI rockitude = 366 x infinity  
  • Those of you who donated to my fundraiser for PFM were also entered into a drawing for one of two dozen Big Ones. I'll announce the winners when I post Frank's dancing -in-a dress-and-g-string video (see below for more info!).
  • I'm about a week late on this, but here is the new SITM button for those of you who'd like to put it on your blog:


  • Frank will be getting his dance on tomorrow evening but I won't post it until Saturday evening or Sunday. Why? Because I'm going to attempt to impress you with some mediocre beginner-level movie making. I've been taking this technology initiative class at school once a month this school year in which we learn some advanced technology jazz to integrate into our classrooms. We all look like eager beaver teachers but the reason why most of really joined is because they give us snazzy tech  gadgets at each meeting. Thus far we've received digital cameras, Flip video cameras, and last week's toy – the REAL reason why we joined – netbooks. Most of what's been taught I already knew (blogging and PowerPoint animations, anyone?), but the one program we've learned that was completely new territory for me was Adobe Premiere Elements movie-making. We barely scratched the surface of basic skills within the 2 hour session and what better way for me to practice than making a movie out of Frank's dancy-dance?
  • Neither of my two students who thought they were pregnant are pregnant. One started her period a couple of weeks ago and was visibly relieved. For the one who had an upcoming first OB appointment because she got a positive peestick, it turned out that she'd used an OPK and not an HPT. She'd nabbed it on the down-low from her mother's bathroom and as you know, OPK's almost always have two lines. It would almost be funny if it wasn't for the fact that she's clearly been putting herself at risk to get pregnant (or worse). Aw, hell – it is funny. That's exactly what she gets, and I hope she's learned a HUGE lesson.
  • In the first week of January, my youngest sister Dani moved out to Phoenix with my aunt. Things didn't work out and last week we flew her back home. And now she's living with me. In my house. In the room that Kaelyn's-but-she-hasn't-slept-in-her-own-bed-for-three-months-and-instead-crawls-into-the-bed-with-her-big-sister-Kyra. WOOOHOOO! Free childcare again (we've never had to pay a for a sitter EVER) and a third set of adult hands to clean! Seriously, though – the kids missed their Auntie Dani and I missed my sister.
  • Has anyone else been watching Guilana and Bill? What say you?
  • PCOS sucks. My body is all out of whack. I haven't had a natural cycle since…ummm…hmmm? Yeah, that long. I'm going on cycle day 80 something. We're not going to start cycling for transfer until May(ish), but yesterday I had my nurse coordinator call in a prescription for BCPs and Metformin. Tonight I'll take yet another shot of PIO to give AF a kick in the arse and in five days when I finally start my period, I'll start BCPs to stay regulated. This weekend I'll start the Metformin. I hate Met and Met hates me, and I'll probably be very, very sick for the next several weeks and beyond.

    My body has NEVER adjusted to the stuff. For me, it's a give and take with Met. My cycles get regulated, I lose weight better because my blood sugars stay stable, and I'm generally "healthier" in the avoiding-Diabetes-add-years-to-your-life sense. However, that comes at the price of constant and daily nausea and bouts of diarrhea (sorry). That much, I can live with. However, every three weeks or so I get what I think is indigestion/sour stomach so bad that I feel like an atomic bomb has gone off in my guts but the mushroom cloud of gas just.can't.move so it presses against my insides. It hurts terribly. I have a generally high tolerance for pain and this pain is so bad that I almost think I'd rather have a c-section than experience it. I feel so distended that my skin even hurts and I find myself wishing that I could just stick a pin through my ribs to deflate my guts. What ends up happening is I pop some Tums and writhe on the floor in the bathroom for two hours in the middle of the night (it always seems to happen after I've gone to bed) before I finally manage to puke and poop. There's just no polite way to put it. Once something moves either up or down, then everything else slowly manages to eventually make its way out. I spend the next two hours alternating between being face down in or butt down on the toilet, all the while the pressure and pain continues. Once I've puked/pooped enough, the pressure dissipates enough to allow me to drag my wasted, still nauseous ass back to bed. By then, I've been in the bathroom half-dead for 3-5 hours and once I wake up, I spend the next of the day with a sore torso and unable to ingest anything more than tea. When I'm on the Met, that type of episode happens every 3-4 weeks, without fail. No matter how much I limit my intake of carbs, even going so extreme as to eat little more than meat, cheese, eggs, and lettuce, it happens.

    I felt the need to tell you all of that because Metformin scares me. TERRIFIES me. But I've only ever taken Metformin when I'm cycling for transfer so I couldn't take more than Tums for it. I'm going to try to take Metfomin again between now and cycling and take Alka-Seltzer (which I can't take during cycling because it contains asprin) when I feel an episode approaching. I can always tell when it's coming because I burp an awful "rotten egg"-smelling gas and my basic nausea ramps up into OH, MY GAWD MY STOMACH EXPLODED.

    So anyway, Metformin and I will start fighting on Saturday. It's like a bout between Mike Tyson and Napoleon Dynamite. Guess which one I am? (Hint: Eating ears is frickin' gross and I can do whatever I want to, GOSH!)

  • Tomorrow is Friday. I am happy. 'nuff said. What's been good (or not) with YOU lately?

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  1. I hurt for you just reading what met does to your body. I mean, good effing lawd, OW!!
    so glad Dani is back!!!! please give her a hug from us.
    mailed my socks out today and have my sock it to me badge all up in my sidebar.
    can’t WAIT to see your directorial debut!

  2. Whew they aren’t pregnant but OMG I snorted when I read the OPK bit.
    I am sooooo happy Dani is back. I know she’ll be a lot happier.
    Guilana and Bill: I can’t believe she balked so hard at gaining 5 pounds! I’m really curious about the uterus tilt and how that will affect their chances.
    Have you been watching The Little Couple? They are in the process of finding a surrogate. I have my fingers crossed for them.
    I had no idea you had such a reaction to Metformin. You are truly a superhero for going through all that just for a chance to cycle. I love you!

  3. Your description of events toilet-related reminded me of this time when I was pregnant with the boys and got constipated. My doc recommended stool softeners, but I accidentally bought a laxative (that was the same brand as the stool softeners) and ended up with diarrhea. I was also morning sick at the time, and when it came time to puke I knew that the abdominal pressure of hurling would undoubtedly push things out the other end also. So I tried to eliminate first before puking, but there just wasn’t time, and I ended up puking between my legs while two-ing. Thank goodness for elongated toilet bowls.
    Anyway, I relate all of that grossness to say that I have a small idea of where you’re coming from, and I am in amazement (okay, I already was before but am even more now) that you keep offering yourself as a surrogate when it has such effects on you. I hope the Alka-Seltzer works.

  4. Just the word Metformin has always scared me, it just sounds so scary. I never took it but man girl I feel for ya. Hoepfully it won’t be so bad this time. I am so waiting for your Director’s cut this shit is gonna be fun-neeeey!!!!

  5. Firstly, phew. I’d like to think those girls learned a small lesson in fear, but . . . . well, you’re the better judge. Let us know.
    Secondly, met. Ugh. I never had a problem on it, so I’m really sorry (I always assumed any constipation I had was due to the diet, not the met). Any chance you could try one of the new-fangled drugs? I think Avandia works a little differently than met, for example. I think there might even be others out there now — any chance you could ask? I’d hate to see you through that agony again.
    Feeling for ya, Moxie. Hang tough. xo

  6. sadly, i know the sensation you describe all too well — that’s what the “GI badness” that i now think is endo-related is like for me. it REALLY sucks, ya?
    also, i am still giggling at the thought of you as stuart. he does have a definite mothering vibe, at least….

  7. Kim have you ever tried the other types of met? I think there is a time release type of met (I forget the name) and there is also Glumetza. I have been taking Glumetza for over 3 months now and only very rarely have any digestive issues. When my doctor wrote the rx he said he was giving that to me instead of met because of the reduced side effects.
    Glad to hear your sister’s back ๐Ÿ™‚ and haha @ the “positive” opk – I couldn’t help laughing!

  8. Yay for Dani being back!
    Met sucks shit and you definitely need to check out the other versions.
    And, I’ll join the others laughing my ass off about the positive OPK

  9. Met sounds eeeeeevil! I wish there was another way to do things.
    I also hope those girls learned a lesson – sounds like one of them had to involve her parents, so maybe there will be a little more caution in the future.
    Looking forward to Frank’s dance! He must reeeeeeally love you.

  10. I’m not sure why I haven’t started following you on my blog! I’m a loser. Sorry about the Met, it’s awful what it does to you! ๐Ÿ™ oh!! and I’ll have my socks out this week! woot woot!

  11. Can’t wait to see Frank’s dance >:D That class sounds awesome! Do you actually get to keep the stuff they give you? If so, sign me up, girl!
    Glad your Ss is back! I know you missed her!
    Ugh at Metformin! I’ve been taking it daily for almost 2 years and it sucks hard! Having said that, have you had your gallbladder checked out? I was having problems like the ones you described and I put it down to Met as well, but it turns out my gallbladder was 3 times its normal size! Once they yanked that sucker out, things have been a lot better.

  12. Oh man. That sucks hairy monkey balls. No way around it- it just does! I hope that either you can go on a different form with less side effects, or that the alk-seltzer works for you!
    And I would like to hope also that there was some common sense scared into those girls- but I fear that for every one that gets ‘scared straight’, there is another that it just doesn’t sink in…
    Woo-hoo for dancin! And it’s saturday night-I keep hitting refresh but see no update yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. When I took Met I found that if I ate sugar or fat it made me sick. I did lose a lot of weight in the 6 months that I took it though!

  14. I can’t believe she peed on a OPK. Serves her right. I have a 5th grader that they think is pregnant right now…or at least that is what she is telling people. I guess a few years ago they had a 4th grader pregnant from a 24 year old man. ๐Ÿ™

  15. Jeeeezus lady you are scary the crap out of me. That sounds god awful and no wonder you lose weight. (hmm, am I desperate enough….NO).
    Sorry have not been around and did not donate or jump on the bandwagon. All I can say is I flaked. I will still guiltily enjoy the video.

  16. Sounds like a really wonderful thing to have Dani back!
    What’s new? Eh. More of the same I suppose. No wait! I’m going to take a stab at running a (one-time) book group in March. Wish me luck!

  17. Just wanted you to know that I love you. And, from your description of your experiences with Met, it reminds me of a blog entry from many moons ago during your pregnancy in which you described MommyLady’s solutions to such gastric upheaval (aka rocking back and forth on your hands and knees). ROFL!

  18. Just reading about your Metformin description makes me hurt for you. I’m on it and have similar, milder (until this last week), symptoms. One thing that REALLY helps me is getting ALL of my fiber daily that I’m supposed to get. I don’t know if it will help you, but it may be worth a shot.

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