Today's To Do List

Moxie's Ultra-Focused, No Procrastination, Ultimate To Do List for Wednesday*

  1. Wash clothes (continuously and ongoing)
  2. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  3. BOOGIE BREAK! Start Korn, Nirvana, & Prodigy
    Rhapsody playlist (Nothing like a little "Smack My Bitch Up" to get you
  4. Wash dishes
  5. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  6. Sweep & mop floors
  7. BOOGIE BREAK! Switch to Steely Dan Mega Murder Mix Playlist
  8. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  9. Clean both bathrooms
  10. You know how something good might be in the works but you don't want to say anything for fear of jinxing it? That's all I have to say about that, but I'm going to try to avoid obsessing over it.
  11. Continue overhauling front yard with new flowers, plants, border, exchanging old mulch for new river pebbles, etc
  12. BOOGIE BREAK! Switch to No Doubt/Gwen Stefani playlist
  13. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  14. Dust
  15. BOOGIE BREAK! Switch to Missy Elliott playlist
  16. Avoid obsessing
  17. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  18. Sneak and buy Frank's PS3 for Father's Day/our 14th anniversary (June 20/June 22)
  19. Cook & eat lunch
  20. BOOGIE BREAK! Switch to Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, Chuck Mangione, Gap Band, et al play list
  21. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  22. Chase el Cinco around the house
  23. BOOGIE BREAK! Switch to Hector Lavoe Playlist (Don't look at me like that. "Macarena" is there only because Kyra asked me to add it.)
  24. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  25. Put TJ's new loft bed together & rearrange the boys' room. Transfer Teej's clothes from his old dresser to his new storage units. 
  26. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  27. Avoid obsessing
  28. Put together Kaelyn's new wardrobe closet & transfer her clothes.
  29. Put Kaelyn's & Teej's old dressers on the curb.
  30. BOOGIE BREAK! Roll back through Steely Dan.
  31. Check email, Facebook, Google Reader, SMO
  32. Watch So You Think You Can Dance while checking email, Facebook, Google Reader & SMO
  33. Avoid obsessing

*Disclaimer: Tasks listed may be completed in any order, with checking email, Facebook, and Google Reader likely placed on high priority. Items which are optional, not mandatory are feeding the children and tasks which fall under the umbrella of cleaning.

What's keeping you busy today?

7 thoughts on “Today's To Do List”

  1. You do that in a day? I can’t get that much stuff done in a week! So far, I’ve just been working and that much repeated section of your list. And going out for Thai for lunch…
    Now, I’m so tired from contemplating your workload, I’m wishing I could find a hidden corner to take a nap!

  2. Hmmmm…
    1) I checked email, Facebook, and blogs repeatedly.
    2) I went by the community center to pay for thee kids summer programs.
    3) I did dishes.
    4) I avoided mowing the lawn.
    5) Read a bit.
    6) Crafted a bit.

  3. Dude, I am the queen of checking email and facebook, and not getting to my real “to do’s”. The list is long, and daunting, so email and blogs seems easier.

  4. I love your disclaimer lol It’s amazing how long those to do lists can take too…time seems to get sucked up by the facebook/email/blog items 🙂

  5. ahahaha! Love your disclaimer!!!
    Thanks so much for the comment today! Yep. I’m in a good place. I do feel so very blessed to have come this far.

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