14th Anniversary


Today is our 14th anniversary. He's a bit balder and I'm a lot wider, but I think we're even cuter now than we were when I was 18 and he was 21 on the day we said "I do."

31 thoughts on “14th Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary! You are both sooooooo adorable! It’s also so nice to see a happy marriage in a couple who got married at such a young age!

  2. Adorable. Huge congratulations!! Now I’m the slacker and I owe you an email. Camp fell through today, but tonight should be my own.

  3. happy belated 14th to a fabulously beautiful family!
    our 14th is next week, and we too are a bit balder (him) and wider (me), but happy!

  4. Happy belated 14th girl. Super S and I celebrated our 14th last week too. Times flies man! Yu two are just THE most adorable couple. xoxo

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