Casting Call

I had an moment of coolness last week when I was contacted by a casting director – we'll just call her "J"- from High Noon Entertainment, oh, they of such small-screen goodness like Cake Boss, House Hunters, and Food Network's Challenge. They're developing a pilot series in which they will "…tell honest and compelling first-person
stories that will enlighten people to the changing face of parenthood,
to debunk the taboos and myths of alternative routes to parenthood" [specifically surrogacy and adoption]. J seemed intrigued by my surrogate-after-subfertility story and wanted to know if I'd be interested in speaking with her about possibly being cast. We spoke on the phone the next day. J asked insightful and responsive questions. Unfortunately, they would want to follow the entire parallel journey between me an my almost-probably-IPs, and when I asked, my almost-probably-IPs* didn't feel comfortable being that wide open about our almost-probably journey together (which, I  completely understand and respect because having America all up in your ladybiz is nothing to take lightly). Following from just my side of things doesn't seem to be of interest to High Noon (bummer, High Noon – do you KNOW how much of The Awesome I am?), but I'm still very interested in trying to help get this pilot off the ground.

I promised J that I would post her blurb in effort to get the word out to a wider audience (and do whatever else I could to help). Who better to ask than our cozy little ALI community? J states:

High Noon Entertainment is teaming up with a major cable network to
produce a documentary series about the real life joy, laughter and
heartache American families and mothers experience from every side of
the adoption and surrogacy process.

If you’re in the middle of your own real-life adoption or surrogacy
story, High Noon would like to hear from you. It is looking for "dynamic
people from all walks of life who have a current, compelling story
focused on the adoption or surrogacy process."

Whether you’re the married couple who’ve tried for years to have a
child and are now looking into alternate options… the professional
single woman who’s decided that she’s waited long enough to be a mother…
the gay couple on a quest to find an open adoption or a surrogate… the
woman who has decided to become a surrogate for a family member or
friend… or the pregnant woman considering an open adoption… we want to
hear YOUR story!

Interested and qualified people are invited to send a one- or two-
paragraph summary and a digital photo of the person or people whose
story is being told to

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reply. You can also send them an email letting them know how much I'd boost network ratings.

Just kidding.


*Yes, I almost-probably have IPs. Are you still burning chicken feathers for me?

21 thoughts on “Casting Call”

  1. Bum bum bummer, I would so love to do something like this. But we are way way past the interesting point! LOL
    Gratz on the probably-match. I may have read something about it in comments on another blog…have been waiting to hear more! HINT HINT!

  2. Oh honey, I’ve moved beyond burning chicken feathers. Sadly, I haven’t been able to do my naked rain dance because we haven’t had enough rain for it.

  3. If you follow my facebook stream, you’ll see photographic evidence that I did some burning over the weekend, and it may or may have involved chicken feathers for you AND me.
    I have my own semi-might-be-big news too. And, no I am not pregnant. But hubs and I ARE on a new journey. And hopefully someone else WILL be soon.
    When are you going to spill??

  4. By any chance, did they say which major cable network they were partnering with to make this show?

  5. I think I read about this in Lori / Lavender Luz’s Open Adoption Examiner post. It sounds like a fascinating project.
    Good for you for helping them get the word out.
    I’m sure you would be totally AWESOME and boost their ratings. You’ve got my vote!

  6. You guys would have been awesome on that show – but how cool to find out about it none the less. Thanks for passing this on!

  7. Oh you know I am so emailing them about how your being a cast member would send them into ratings they never thought possible! I stopped by after reading your comment, and I just want to say I feel like I know you and know for sure in real life we would be two ladies gettin in tons of trouble, good trouble yo. I appreciate you, love ya and so glad we “know” each other. xoxoxo

  8. Just saw this. Can you smell the great heaps of chicken feathers that I’m burning for you?
    Oh, and you would have kicked ass in that documentary. Silly High Noon for not adequately appreciating the awesomeness.

  9. How super cool! You would be AWESOME for this show, with or without featuring the IPs.
    Hope your summer is off to a good start! 🙂

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