Sunday on the way home from Atlanta, Frank and I made a quick pit stop for gas and snacks. I saw this in one of the fridges and did a quick double-take:

Drink 2
Oh, how I laughed loudly and sans embarrassment when I read this:
That's how I like my snark – sarcasm well done and with a warm side of kiss my ass, you farkin' idiot.


I didn't have much luck in getting approximate dates for cycling today. Though this clinic and RE seem good at what they do and I am very comfortable with them, they do absolutely nothing to keep my nerve labeled "impatient" from twitching. I think I've just been spoiled by Dr. Sleepy and his clinic. With him, the time from our first consult to my first injection was about three weeks. With Dr. One, our first consult was at the beginning of August and I think we'll be lucky if I'm shooting up by the middle of October. By my estimates, transfer could be as late as early December depending on how things shake out, and right now that just feels like forever away.

Yoda (read: Frank) said, "Look at it this way: different clinic, different doctor, different process, different results.Hopefully all these differences will mean one and done."

I rolled my eyes, but only because it occurred to me that he was speaking in the same tone of voice that one might use with someone who looks like they lost their straightjacket. He's right, of course (but don't tell him I said that).

Still…what I wouldn't give to have a little Lupron in my system right now.

Wishing for daily injections of demon juice/bitch-in-a-bottle should speak volumes about my current excitement levels.

What can I say? Reproductive hormones are my drug of choice.

10 thoughts on “Addicted”

  1. You know… you just know that there are people out there who would think that there really was cocaine in that stuff.
    It’s awesome that Dr. One is taking her time and being thorough, but I’m sorry that it’s taking so long. Hopefully things pick up speed soon.

  2. You are actually wishing you were already shooting up the bitch juice?!?!?!?! Thank God sanity isn’t a prerequisite for being a surrogate.
    Love you tons Moxie and I’m excited for you.

  3. I love the fact that there’s a symbol on the disclaimer indicating that there’s yet another disclaimer. But idiots won’t get either, will they…

  4. Loved the can…and I have to admit that I would have looked, if only to figure out what it really was.
    Good luck with this cycle…

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