August 19th ~ Day of Hope

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Day of Hope: "A day to give, a day to remember, a day to speak out. All children are miracles."

Today, I remember and honor Faith, Elyse, KG, LAMB, MA's4, A, Artemis & Apollo, Maddy, Paige, Molly, Henry, Lemonboy, Maya, and the other children of my friends. I apologize if I've overlooked any, my friends. You are welcome to leave their names and/or words of their memories in the comments.


4 thoughts on “August 19th ~ Day of Hope”

  1. Thinking of my Eva and the other 7 I lost along with Adam Michael Seip, born still, and Bridgitt Kelly, lost after only 3 weeks.

  2. Very kind words to all the little ones that are in a better place, and wishing all the best to their families.

  3. Thank you for remembering our Molly and all the other babies that are gone too soon. Those pictures and sentiments are just beautiful, as are your words.

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