11 thoughts on “Powder Fresh”

  1. I have to agree that Baby Powder (as the bottle indicates) is very light and airy.
    Sorry, but this was too damn funny!

  2. LOL! I sent my sister some Bath and Body Works room spray one Christmas….she used it as a body spray for about a week until her 7 year old son said “Mommy that is just overpowering…why do you keep using the room spray?” LOL!!!! She had no clue. Too cute!
    I bet it does smell good!!!!!

  3. Ha! I’m sure my mom will be glad to know that she’s not alone. Although you’d think that dog would have been a big hint…at least B&B it has the word BODY, which if you’re not careful, could be misleading with certain products.

  4. Well, I didn’t see the dog on the front of it. In my defense… check out the Calgon body mist bottle next time you’re in the store! They are identical! I was so worried I was going to break out in some gawd awful rash!
    See, I’m not laughing at bumpyjourney’s sister.
    *covers mouth*

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