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This morning even before the sun was up, Frank rolled over and asked if I would marry him, softly whispering the question into my ear and then kissing my neck just below it. 

I turned over and curled into him, tucking my shoulder beneath his and resting my head on his chest. "Yes. Today and everyday."

When I asked why he loved me, he said it was because I helped him grow and change into the man that he is today.

When he asked me the same, I said it was because he wanted to grow and change into the man that he is today. 

Just as dawn began to fall on the first day of our fifteenth year of marriage, sleep found us again.


Our newly-minted ten-year olds woke us for a second time (with the other two following close at their heels). 

"We made you breakfast in bed to celebrate your anniversary!," Jaiden explained as they passed us plates of scrambled eggs and toast. The toast was slathered in two inches of butter and half a jar of jam, but the eggs were perfect and our plates were even garnished with sprigs of parsley. 

In some unintentional cosmic alignment, the twins' birthday, Father's Day, and our anniversary all occur within one or two days of each other. It's always seemed like an oddity of the auspicious sort, as if it's meant to serve as a reminder that even though things don't always work out how or when I want them to, the universe and all its parts are always moving in our favor.

When I look around, everything is all as it should be and is everything I knew it would be.

I don't need a fortune teller to tell me that I am fortunate

17 thoughts on “Fortunate”

  1. What a beautiful post…a sweet testament to your marriage and wonderful spouse (and family.) Happy anniversary to you and Frank! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to the twins!
    And Happy Father’s day to Frank – I love the absolutely stunned look on his face in that diaper change photo.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Happy Anniversary, happy birthday, and belated happy Father’s Day to all of you. You know you are one of my favorite people, don’t you? And, by default, that means I adore your family too.

  4. Happy anniversary! Fifteen years, and you two still look like babies.
    I seriously LOLed at “half-past Africa degrees.” You and your whole family are totally awesome.

  5. “Half past Africa degrees outside that day.” Made me laugh out loud. Beautifully written. Tons of Happys for all your days.

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  9. This is awesome. I love reading about people who are still all nutty about each other.
    P.S. My birthday, Mothers Day and my anniversary all fall within two weeks of each other. I love that.

    1. It’s like one big rolling ball of love and fun with all of those special days lined up, isn’t it? My birthday is 3 days before Valentine’s Day, and I love that. It usually means a full week of squishy romance. 🙂

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