On Moving

I began my last blog with an extended simile in which I compared blogs to shoes. So following in that vein, this space feels like a new house. As a child, I lived the life of a military brat; we moved to a different place every year and a half or so. Saying goodbye to friends and familiar places was sad, but that emotion was always outweighed by excitement;  I always looked forward to meeting new people, to learning the beauty and nuances of a new culture, and to figuring out where my niche would be. But what I most looked forward to when we were anticipating a move was what our new housing would look like.

It was less about the house and more about the expectation of taking the blank canvas and transforming it into what felt like home.  Walking through the front door for the first time, looking around and imagining where furniture and belongings would go, stepping down the hallway and wondering which bedroom would be mine, deciding how I would arrange my furniture…just the simple act of moving made old things seem to sparkle with a new life. It changed how I looked at things – just having them in a different room where the light from a different window streamed in, there to lend the favor of a new perspective.  With the house empty and everything still in boxes, the anticipation of restructuring a familiar life under unfamiliar circumstances always gave me welcome pause to consider.

I could change, if I wanted to.

I could try my hand at being the fearless and outspoken one. Or maybe I could convince myself that I really did enjoy P.E. and take on a sporty persona (I can assure you, that one never happened). Maybe I could crack a few good jokes during the first few days of school and rack up a solid reputation as the class clown.

Or, I could just be myself, y’know?

The one they all called the Smart One.


There are boxes of blog posts lying around everywhere waiting to be unpacked. The walls here are  bare, but a stylish and talented interior designer is helping me figure out what pictures to hang and where. It might be messy here for a while while we get things sorted out, but the sofas are soft and there’s a space for you, if you want it. Be sure to subscribe to my feed so that you can find your way back. Welcome to my new digs.

No asses allowed, though. Not unless you’re a smart one like me.

6 thoughts on “On Moving”

  1. I was hyperventilating as I read your post on the other blog, terrified that you’d say you were going away and not surfacing elsewhere.

    So I am glad to be here gasping for air.

    1. I have way too much to say about important things (like my sad, but undying love for Beavis and Butthead) to ever disappear completely.

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