When I decided to pull the trigger on starting up a new blog, I spent a long time debating on whether or not I’d leave three years worth of blog posts over on I’m a Smart One or transfer everything over into my new space. At first I thought I’d just start over, but the thought of leaving all of that history behind made my throat close up a little. “Fine,” I thought to myself. “I’ll move everything over. Easy.”

And then I learned that Typepad is the Devil. As soon as I have all of my baggage moved over (which will likely take weeks since I have to move posts over one-by-one because the people behind Typepad are demonic assholes who try to trap people in to staying with them by making it next to impossible to transfer content away from their platform), I do intend to write a very long, scathing post in which I rip Typepad to shreds. I will use the word TYPEPAD as many times as I possibly can in the hopes that eventually, the post will earn some high search index ranking. If some new blogger starts researching which platform to choose, perhaps my post might steer them away from Typepad aka Beezelbub. Assholes.

BUT! In some very paranoid corner of my mind, I am halfway spooked by the thought that if I rip Typepad before I get everything moved over, some dillwad at the Devil.com will curse me by making my stuff disappear. So, I’ll have to temper my attitude long enough to get my stuff over. *grumbles*

Posts you may or may not have read before will show up here through the next couple of months. Feel free to comment on them if you should feel so inclined to do so. Actually, I’d like it very much if you would.

14 thoughts on “Unpacking”

  1. Well I can see you packed your sense of humor!

    Can’t wait to read the post where you really lay in to Typepad. As opposed to, you know, this post.

    Welcome to your new home, Smartness!

  2. Thanks, Lori! My sense of humor was the firs thing I packed. It was feeling more than a bit stifled on the other blog.

  3. I’m glad you decided to stick around, albeit in a new neighbourhood. I’ll be stopping by to visit, but no need to put out the good towels. We’re family. 🙂 Oh, and if I’d know it was happening so soon, I’d have baked you a Welcome to the New Digs cake!

    1. Pam – cake is always welcome. Especially YOURS. Have any new recipes for me to try? If not, another one of those banana cakes….*drools on the keyboard*

    1. At some point in time, I’ll have a “grand opening” of sorts. Glad you’re here now, because that likely won’t be until I’ve made it pretty here!

    1. The drinking never stops here, Erin. Celebratory champagne all around for your new baby boy!

    1. No cookies this time…he’s been too busy with school to do much baking lately. Sad for my taste buds, but good for my waistline, I suppose.

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