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What has most surprised me about adulthood is that I don’t yet feel completely like an adult. Marriage, mortgage, and minions notwithstanding, in a lot of ways I feel like I’m just a kid waiting for my life to start.

It’s a good thing that Frank is a man of action; I have good plans, but I lose steam with follow-through. This translates into Moxie thinks/Frank does. It’s a good partnership, because if left to our own devices, things either wouldn’t get done or would get done wrong. Surely “adulthood” implies that the two ends of thought and action are connected and accomplished, right? If so, then we’re just two kids putting up a good adult front.

Maybe this feigned adulthood is necessary because I still have episodes of Beavis and Butthead memorized and an 18-year old roll of buttwipe displayed on my dresser. Breakfast cereal is a food group, Toys ‘R Us trumps Wal-Mart, name-calling is an art, deadlines suck,  fart jokes don’t.

And I still wish I was a Goonie.



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5 thoughts on “Kid Stuff +”

  1. I don’t feel like an adult either (and I’m suppose to teach VBS tomorrow). I guess we’re in good company.

    And, I loved you before this post but (heh heh heh I said butt) you had me with buttwipe.

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