Going to Have a Gay Weekend

In a little while, I’m hitting the road for a girls’ weekend out. I’m going with my Mommy Lady and my sisters to Pride at Six Flags in Atlanta.  We’ve been looking forward to this trip for more than a month. I just love my sister Chanel; she’s so gay. I’ll be proud to be there in my gay shirt in support of my proudly gay sister.

But I will totally kick her into a gutter if it means I get to dance with some drag queens.

Due to the upheaval surrounding the recent scandal, I’ve been unexpectedly busy with handling the issue both here and as a moderator on SMO. If you’re participating in Sock It to Me, I will have your matches sent to you by Tuesday evening (August 16). I apologize for the delay. If you haven’t signed up yet and still want to participate, you have until Sunday night (August 14) to sign up

Deuces. I’m outtie like the Flintstones to have a gay old time.

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