Now Taking Last-Minute Entrants to Sock It to Me

I assure you that that was not an invitation to for strangers to have sex with me. As if. Due to the Internet gremlin deciding to be a jackass, somehow the sign-up form for one of the Sock it to Me participants didn’t go through. Therefore, her information didn’t end up on my spreadsheet and she wasn’t included in my list of match ups. She’s been an active participant in every single one of the past SITM exchanges, and I’d hate to see her miss out on this one because of a glitch in the Matrix.

So, if you’ve missed out on signing up for Sock It to Me, I’m reopening sign-ups until SATURDAY, AUGUST 20. I will love you forever if you Tweet, Facebook, send smoke signals, or do whatever to help spread the word.

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Thanks, my ninjas.

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