Doan Come Up in Mah Face!

I hardly have time to write, so please pardon these bullets (though if you’re a gangsta like me, bullets are boss).

  • If you’re participating in Sock-it-to-Me, you should have sent your socks/office supplies to your buddy by now. SITM Week runs through all next week, so there is still plenty of time to get stuff sent to your buddy by the close of next week if you’re running behind the curve ball. If you are running late, please either contact your buddy directly or let me know so that I can tell them that their stuff is on the way.
  • So far, I’m loving this school year. Remind me I said that in another two months when I’m scratching at my eyeballs wailing desperately for Winter Break. About that iPad app content gig I picked up: OMGFORREALZ?!*$%OVERLOAD*#($*%^. That is all.
  • Several months ago I was interviewed (by phone) by a writer at for an article about some women’s motives to be a surrogate. The article finally ran a couple of days ago. I think she did a pretty good job at transcribing my answers. You can read it here: Why I Was a Surrogate Mother
  • September is PCOS Awareness Month. This week, our beloved Keiko of Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed is focusing on how women are/have been affected by Polystic Ovarian Syndrome. In addition to sharing her own experience, she has asked for four guest bloggers to contribute as well. I am honored to be included within this group of fine writers. You can read my piece on Keiko’s blog on Friday.
  • And finally, a little Monday funny for you:

Not like I need the distraction, but do you have any other funnies to pass on?

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