What's That Thing They Say About Imitation?

Today JC Little (who is The Animated Woman and who blogs/draws/has the funneh at – duh – The Animated Woman) posted about how the “Google Police” put her Google+ account under review. According to Google+ policy, you must use your real name and not some pimped-up anonymous moniker. Apparently, “JC Little” sounds too bad-ass to be considered a real name.

Today, JC and I had this little exchange on The Twitter:

When inspired, JC likes to draw other people in that signature style of hers. When she Tweeted the above, I immediately saw a JC-style drawing of JC surrounded in bullets (of a sort) and dressed as a blinged-out gangsta.

And you all know I have a thing for bullets and gangstas (and nerds. I am a ganstanerd. Word).

So, here’s a picture of JC a la JC that I whipped up this evening:

JC Little is a gangsta(Because I suck at things smart people use, I used MS Paint [which is like Photoshop for idiots] and PowerPoint. You are free to laugh [at me] at will).

18 thoughts on “What's That Thing They Say About Imitation?”

  1. Oh My G+OD!!! (← That’s like extra God right there). Those used bandaids over at GOOGLE+ should bow to my now obviously superior Bling and defiant stance. Everyone knows me as JC in real life, even my 96 year old Grandma. That’s my name and it says so right on my necklace. I’m extremely touched (in a good way) that I inspired you to draw ME. Someone drew me!! And I can’t help noticing these other funny titles you have here on your blog, so that means I’m going to be sucked right in. Bullets will do that to you.


    1. I am not so gangsta that I don’t worry about what people might think of what I do. So between the time that I posted this and the time that you saw it, I was slightly spazzing that you might 1. be offended that I DARE to draw you like you draw yourself, 2. think I was a weirdo stalker freak, or 3. some other third thing which amounts to me = loser.

      But now that I know you like it, I can exhale a sigh of relief and reclaim my gangstahood.


      1. Aw, thanks. I missed you too when you were on hiatus! I’m just laying low these days, trying to focus on stuff other than reproductive madness, and taking a little break from blogging is a small step in that direction. I promise I’ll update soon, though.


  2. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    I’m the research Gangsta! Here is some information I found about the accounts getting deleted. Initially I thought it was a scam type email but found that this is actually happening. Here are a couple of links:




    From what I’ve read, the accounts that are being asked to verify are mainly celebrity accounts. I hope this helps.

  3. AWESOME. Now you do realize that we are going to come to expect your fancy drawings when we read your blog? 🙂 But seriously, awesome drawing. I keep scrolling up to admire it.

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  5. Dayum, you’ve got madd Paint skillz! I can’t believe you did that with Paint! I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler so…

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