I Need Your Brains – Please Vote ASAP

I like blogging under my real name – truly, I do. However, when my gut instinct starts barking at me to do something, I’ve learned that it’s best that I listen. Right now, my inner voice is telling me that it might actually be to my advantage to start writing under a pen name of sorts. I meant to do it earlier this summer before SEO dug its heels into this blog under my name, but I got The Stupids and forgot.

I’m not so worried about going 100% fully incognito and no one EVER knowing my name. I’d just like for there to be not as immediate as a connection to my blog if someone (namely, a student) decides to Google me. Putting just *a hair* more distance between my real name and this blog just feels like it makes sense right now, however illogical it might seem.

Plus – I am about to become a part of something big (well, big to a wall-hugging dork like me), and if I’m going to start writing under a semi-anonymous name, then now is the time to do it.

I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: Sonnie K. and Roxy Saucebox.

Sonnie K. technically isn’t a fake name. It’s an abbreviation of my first name, and obviously the “K” is my middle initial. I like the fact that it sounds like either a gangsta or a hippie name, depending on whether you’re into bullets or dropping acid.

Roxy Saucebox, however, is a totally made-up name. I looked up some synonyms for “smart,” and “saucy” sent a thrum through my bones. A bit further on I ran across “saucebox” as a word for someone known to have a saucy personality (e.g. ME). I’ve always had an attraction for words with x, and “Roxy” just slipped into my mind as a natural fit. This name is all gangsta bad ass. It has a nice ring.

So, what do you think -Sonnie or Roxy? I need answers pronto, if you don’t mind. I have some wheels I need to spin this weekend and the sooner I determine what my new moniker is, the better.


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19 thoughts on “I Need Your Brains – Please Vote ASAP”

  1. I like the Saucebox part, but when I tried to read the whole name together, it took me like three tries to get it right. It trips my tongue. What about Sonnie Saucebox?

    1. MEGAN! I shit you not, I was just thinking about you on the way home from work this evening. Coming to find you and ask how you were doing was on my mental list of things to do this weekend. 🙂

  2. WOW! I thought my stepdaughter’s were weird because they kept on referring to our dog Roxy as “Sauce” and I’m like Sauce? WTF did that come from.. LOL So she says: Roxy Saucy!!

    So.. your pen name will not be alone.


    Good choice

    1. Your stepdaughters and I might be collectively weird. I think Roxy and Sauce/Saucy fit so well together because they almost sort-of rhyme. The English teacher nerd in me likes the quasi-consonance of the two.

      And now I must go read your post. Any post title that starts with “tequila” and ends in “dream” is bound to be a good one.

  3. I think you should go with something removed from your name but your name. So if you don’t like my suggestion I would vote for Sonnie K.
    That all being said, I suggest Jay Sea. It’s you, but not you.

    1. I’m definitely not opposed to Sonnie K, especially since it’s my name. My mom and a couple of aunts and cousins are really the only ones who call me Sonnie.

  4. I’m all over Roxy Saucebox! It’s about the most fantastic name evah! I’d totally roll it!
    I love it and think it makes you just that much more of a badass gangsta! (can a completely nerdy suburban white chick make that phrase work? LOL)
    You go with your Roxy Saucy self!

  5. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    What’s in a Name- By MommyLady AKA El Cinco’s Gran-Gran

    I instinctively cringed when I saw “Roxy Saucebox” the first time and wondered why my Dear One chose that name. I didn’t like it the first time I saw it. So I am going to use the art of persuasion to try and sway the vote away from it. Therefore, being the research queen that I am, I found these tidbits of information.

    Roxy, an enemy character from the video game Final Fight
    Roxy (Hannah Montana), a character in the TV series Hannah Montana
    Roxy Harvey, a character in the Showtime series Dead Like Me
    Roxy Mitchell , a character from the television soap opera EastEnders
    Roxy (Winx Club), a character from Winx Club animated series.
    Roxy Hart, a character from the play and film Chicago (killed her boyfriend when she discovered he wasn’t going to make her a star.
    Roxy short for Roxanne. (The Police Song “Roxanne” forever has me associating the name with the song. “Roxanne you don’t have to put on the red light. Those days are over
    You don’t have to sell your body to the night. Roxanne You don’t have to wear that dress tonight. Walk the streets for money.”)

    Then we have:
    Roxy Jezel, pornographic actress
    Roxy Reynolds, pornographic actress
    Roxxxy, an interactive sex doll. (i-n-t-e-r-a-c-t-v-e doll??????)

    Roxy (plural “roxies”), slang for the drug Roxicodone,

    From the Urban Dictionary: Saucebox: You have to use your imagination for the definitions I found. I dare not put it here for reasons you will understand once you “get it”. Look it up… sauce box and saucebox.

    From a site called YOUR DICTIONARY: saucebox: One who is obnoxiously self-assertive and arrogant, malapert, witling. (Informal) know-it-all, smart aleck, smarty, smarty-pants,

    Sonnie: As a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Sonnie), is a variant of Sonia (English) and Sophia (Greek), and the meaning of Sonnie is “wisdom”.

    The sum of alphabetical order of letters in SONSEEAHRAY is 130 and this makes SONSEEAHRAY arithmetic buddies with words like Circumspect, Philosophic, Humorous.

    Broken Arrow (1950)
    Cochise: White Painted Lady, I have old wounds.
    Sonseeahray: Yes, but each scar is a mark of love for your people. The path of your people is stretched long behind you, and you are the head, and you are the heart, and you are the blood. (She was a wise woman.)

    The letter K comes from the Greek letter Κ (kappa), which was taken from the Semitic kap, the symbol for an open hand. This, in turn, was likely adapted by Semites who had lived in Egypt from the hieroglyph for “hand” representing D in the Egyptian word for hand, d-r-t. The Semites evidently assigned it the sound value /k/ instead, because their word for hand started with that sound. In modern-day English slang, the word “k” is used as a substitute for the abbreviation “O.K.”, or “Okay.” In International Morse code it is used to mean “over”.

    Sonnie K.= Wise Hand
    Roxy Saucebox= ?????

    You asked for our brains. *Cheesy Grin* Here’s mine.

    I rest my case.

  6. Choo betta listen to your mama!

    (I’m both awed and afraid of that level of research. Something tells me y’all might have had fun growing up with her as your mom, but you got away with NOTHING)

    1. Yeah, you pretty much nailed that description of my childhood, MissW. The funny thing is that we were free to make our own choices, even though we got a heavy dose of “think twice because…” beforehand. Then she’d sit back with that “just wait and see” look if we chose wrong, then had the “I told you so” look once the consequences slapped us around.

      Needless to say, I still listen to my mama – which is why I’m now Moxie.

      (but she can’t tell me what to do. I’m like, a GROWN UP or something)

    1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “Roxy Saucebox.” I do. I thought on it all today and was still set on it, even after reading Mom’s reply AND the “PLEASE DON’T CHOOSE THAT NAME” email she sent to me (and she RARELY emails me).

      But then my sister said it made her think of a porn star, and that’s too naughty (even for a gangsta like me), and the Urban Dictionary definition is plain disgusting. UD is not your friend because it subverts EVERYTHING.

      The final thing that made me decide to switch is that I have something big coming up (at least big to me), and given its nature, I feel like I have a responsibility not to refer to myself as anything that might remotely make me sound like a two-cent street walker.


      So good bye, Roxy Saucebox; you were fun, if only for one night.
      (That sooooo did not sound right.)

  7. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    *Whistles and looks innocently at the sky.*

    @Miss W: I’m sure they got away with things and there are some things they THINK they got away with to this day. It’s all part of growing up. Allowing them to make choices and me respecting them by giving the positive or the negative consequences; helped shape them.

    Natural consequences were the best… that means I didn’t have to wreck my brains thinking about what I was going smack down.

    You know you’ve got the parenting thing down pat when you say, “If I get another negative report from school all of your electronics belong to me!” and a couple of days later you come home and piled on the bed is: CD player, TV, stereo, DVD, video games, console, and every other electronic “fun-thing” a certain person had. True story.

    I just had one question: Do you want to talk about what happened?

    I like Moxie… but what does the JW stand for?

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