Sock It to Me Capstone

(If you’re reading this through a reader, please do me a solid and click through today. I’ve finally made it pretty here so things look quite different. Please let me know if everything looks okay or if there’s something I need to fix. ‘preciate it!)


I like writing my response to the Sock It to Me prompt last. It almost seems fitting that the exchange begins and end with me (though post widget will stay open indefinitely and anyone can add to it at any time).
The prompt for the Fall 2011 SITM called for the participants to reflect on the past 18 or so months and talk for a bit about how support from the blogosphere  has helped them in that time frame. There are some amazing responses that have been given so far, many of which reduced the gangsta in me to tears.

As for me, from a blogging perspective, I’ve been through a lot in the past 18 months. The past year and a half saw my last efforts to be a surrogate begin and come to a sudden end. I retired completely from surrogacy and went through making the emotional adjustment of letting go of something I held so dearly to my heart, something in which I’d given my whole heart for more than two years. I took a huge step away from writing because returning to my blog meant coming back to the place where I hurt. Radio silence was easier than dealing with the noise in my head and heart.

It was in this silence that support from the blogosphere lifted me up. Through transfers and chemical pregnancies and goodbyes, I was never without the support of my friends inside the computer when I was still actively writing. When I backed away from my blog, I also backed away from others’ blogs. I didn’t really read much and I commented even less. I had to selfishly keep myself in a bubble to heal the way that I needed to. Without supporting others, I really had no expectations of others supporting me.

But they did. Many reached out with emails to check in and see how I was doing. I was sent Facebook messages and Tweets. I received phone calls from the few who know me enough to have my number. I felt the arms of my friends around me in the dark, and I was comforted in knowing that they’d still be here whenever I was ready to come back into the light. If I haven’t told you all already – thank you. Thanks for always being there. Thank you for waiting with me while I found my voice again.


For those of you who aren’t in on the details of how SITM works, I always offer some sort of alternative to socks since I know there are some weirdos out there who are averse to them. In the spirit of back-to-school, for this go-round the alternative was to ask for office supplies. I was among the few who asked for office supplies. I adore socks and have a drawer full of groovy ones (almost said funky ones, but when used to discuss socks, that particular adjective is ummm…funky). 

The way I determine sock buddies is semi-random. I group participants within requested parameters (i.e. those who want to be matched with infertility bloggers or according to shipping preferences). From there, the process I use pretty much randomizes who gets matched with who, to the point that I don’t know who I’m going to be matched with until I lift the paper (just follow me on that one; I won’t bore you with the details of a process which probably will make sense only to myself).

But this time, on her entry form, a particular someone specifically requested to be paired with someone who wanted office supplies, because she was REALLY, REALLY into school supplies and was an office supply junkie and it would give her an excuse to shop. That’s pretty much exactly what she put in her SITM entry form. So I intentionally matched her to me because !!!!!! I was really, REALLY excited, too.

People – don’t be jealous; Mrs. Gamgee of Hobbit-ish Thoughts & Ramblings spoiled me.

This is my classroom,

and this is the sign that I have on the wall behind my desk corner…

…because it  usually looks something like this:

Desk 1

and this:

Desk 2
Desk 2


Then Mrs. Gamgee came to the rescue and sent me these (plus a couple of other goodies I’ll eventually show you in another post):

HOW DID SHE KNOW? Seriously - I am THE most disorganized person I know, and I needed some motivation get those desks in order.
The only way I'm ever going to use file folders productively is if they kick ass like these do.

My desks are now clean (whether they’ll stay that way for long is doubtful). I somehow forgot to take a picture of my now-clear desks, but there’s nothing fun about that, anyway. I did, however, manage to take a close-up picture of the TOTAL CRAP post-it note pad that she sent me:

(Speaking of The biased-against-infertility-Times, this post by jjraffe of Too Many Fish to Fry says it all: Are You Infertile? The New York Times Thinks You’re Rich and Whimsical . This is a must-read. You can also help her raise some awareness by tweeting “It’s time for the #nytimes to bring balance to its coverage of #adoption and #infertility RT if you agree” with a link to her post. Word.)

So thanks a zillion times over to Mrs. Gamgee (today is her birthday, please go wish her a happy one), and also to all of the SITM participants for this round. There’s still about 20 of you who haven’t added your posts to the Sockeroo yet! I’ll be making the rounds to read and leave comments through this week. 



8 thoughts on “Sock It to Me Capstone”

  1. I am so glad that you like all the stuff… I had so much fun shopping for it! Any excuse to hit office supply stores and websites. There were a few other things that were on my maybe list, but I decided that they were COMPLETELY inappropriate for school (okay one or two may have snuck in). I adore all that Knock Knock stuff! Now if only they had pens… *sigh* 🙂

  2. Those are some great office supplies! My husband needs the To File folder, as I am the “someone else” who gets to do the filing.

    Love the new look and the new name!

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Love the post-it attached to the NYTimes. Hee!!

    I’m so glad you’re back and found your voice again. It’s a much needed one in our community plus you’re funny as heck!!

  4. “I always offer some sort of alternative to socks since I know there are some weirdos out there who are averse to them.”

    I resemble that remark.

  5. I have to fight my office supply addiction with all my strength (I come by it honest–my dad could open his own Office Depot).

    I like the way things are looking around here. 😉

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