Weekend To Do List

Tasks that I must accomplish this weekend:

  1. Pretend that waking up at 6am on a Saturday doesn’t suck ass.
  2. Teach Saturday Academy from 8am-12pm.
  3. Scream my fool head off at Kyra and Jaiden’s first football games of the season (Kyra ultimately decided to cheer even though she strongly considered putting on a pads and a helmet and kicking the boys’ butts).
  4. Record, edit, and send off a brief 3-minute video for a major infertility-related project (and no, I’m not giving up the deets yet).
  5.  Write my first post for Aiming Low. <– Did you see that? WRITE MY FIRST POST FOR AIMING LOW.
  6. Choreograph a routine for Party Rock Anthem. Learn my own damn steps well enough to start teaching it on Wednesday.
  7. Continue to work my ass off on that iPad app thingy.
  8. Skype chat at some point with Carrie. I will refrain from trying to convince her to eventually come back home.
  9. Complete the laundry. Nevermind.
  10. Have game night with the fam (including sisters and my Mommy Lady).

What’s keeping you busy this weekend? Yay, you for not being flattened by falling satellite pieces..


19 thoughts on “Weekend To Do List”

  1. Dude, I hate to be all nosy & stuff, but since we’re new to AL together, I feel like I can ask–did you have issues w/ infertilty? I did…that’s how I got my twins.

    Also, I wanted to post about writing for AL, but was nervous since my first post won’t be up for 2 weeks yet. But I guess it’s official since my name is listed on the site?


    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. That’s not nosy! I’m open about my infertility. Long story short – YES – I got my twins on drugs.

      That didn’t sound right.

      I took drugs and got twins. (still doesn’t sound right). CLOMID got me pregnant. 🙂

      We tried for 2.5 years with no luck. I eventually ended up with a diagnosis of PCOS. Clomid helped me conceive each of my four pregnancies/three children.

      I later became a gestational surrogate to “pay it forward,” so to speak. You can read the summary version about all that stuff in those posts over there in the sidebar. —>

      Most of my posts here from Jan. ’08 to June ’11 are about my efforts to have a successful second surrogacy journey. That never happened, despite being matched with 4 sets of IPs and having 4 IVF transfers. Sad clown face.

      I took a long blogging hiatus and eventually restarted here at my own .com. I moved everything over from Typepad (who is Satan) and “rebranded” myself and my blog.

      That’s way more than you asked. To bring it back around town – yes, my babies are all Clomid babies. I have remedial ovaries. 😉

      1. I meant “four children/three pregnancies.” Geez.

        Kyra & Jaiden = girl/boy twins age 10 ~ 2nd cycle of 50 mgs Clomid
        Jordan = son age 8 ~ 1st cycle 50 mgs Clomid
        Kaelyn = daughter age 6 on this upcoming Friday ~ 3rd cycle/150mgs Clomid

        Baby M = surrobaby ~ age 4 – IVF transfer of 2 fresh blasts

    2. OH! And about Aiming Low, I figured it was okay to say that we were new writers. I’m NOT saying anything about WHERE we’re writing, though. 😉

  2. You are much busier than I. Let’s see, surprise party for best friend’s dad today, with a potential In N Out stop on the way home. Dying my hair and family day tomorrow, and I think that’s about it! Oh, clean the house cuz geez it’s looking rough.

  3. So glad to have *met* you at Erin’s. Your comment blew me away and I love your place here.

    Congratulations on Aiming Low ~ now I’m REALLY jealous.
    Except you DO have to choreograph a routine for Rock Party Anthem which ummm…well yeah.

    I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it.

    Good luck with EVERYTHING!

    1. My life MIGHT JUST depend on it – I almost asphyxiated walking the quarter-mile from the parking lot to the bleachers this afternoon. If I make it through today AND teaching this routine over the next few weeks without passing out and/or foaming at the mouth, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

      Thank you for your post at Erin’s; I’m so glad that I read it. Every once in a while, I’ll read something that impacts me so profoundly that I end up micro-blogging in a commen. That then inspires me to write a fuller post of my own over here. Your post has prompted me to do just that. At some point this week, I’ll get it written and published.

      Thanks also for the congrats. I feel like a little wimp-fish in an ocean of big writer whale sharks (very, very kind and encouraging ones, but big ballers, indeed). Let’s just hope I don’t suck royally.

  4. I have to take my daughter to her “boyfriend’s” birthday party. He’s the son of my coworker, and they went to the same daycare for a while, where they bonded immediately. Apparently, the boyfriend was choosing his cake based on what he thought my daughter would like. When she got her invitation to his party, she laid herself on the floor and started pumping her arms and legs and singing “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” The two of them are hilarious. Other than that, it’s just been the usual round of swim lessons, story time at the library, and grocery shopping. My weekends are easier, as I have a house husband who does all the other stuff (when he’s not getting himself deployed for work).

    Good luck on your busy weekend!

  5. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    Well… just so you know…El Cinco is having a blast! Let’s see, they helped start the BBQ grill, saw Jason (Sere’s boyfriend) do a fire breathing show, The boys had judo and kimpo lessons, fought an Army Infantryman, danced their asses off with Dance Central, played football, ate hot dogs and hamburgers, played football, fought some more, played video games, listened to music, danced some more, ate some more, drank two gallons of Kool-Aid, and some lemonade (that cool refreshing drink), danced some more, read books, and now for the finale of the night, they are playing Halo. Took a long time to convince the stinky boys to at least do an ABC “bath” and all of them to settle down enough to give this report.

    Kaelyn was the first one to knock out. She feel asleep in the middle of the floor. She was an angel and didn’t turn into the Incredible Hulk-ette not one time.

    I hope you and Frankie-Pooh got to spend some QT together.

    Oh and Jaiden can hardly talk from laughing, screaming, and yelling. Jo-Jo did the sneak attack on the Army Infantryman they were fighting with. Don’t worry Mom… we had the inhaler at the ready. He was fine.

    Kyra didn’t play Ninja Warrior with the boys but her and Kaelyn sat in the swing and had a big “A” burping contest while the boys were fighting. (Wonder where they got that from?)

    TJ… was the glue that held the team together and he did well sharing for once and made everyone that played but didn’t do so well feel good about at least trying.

    Today was a good day. Love you!

    1. I was wondering where my phone call was! This is better – it’s like a mini-blog post about what they were up to today.

      Love you, Lady! See you guys tomorrow.

      (Fellow gangstas, about that burping contest thing – they got that from Frank, people)

  6. El Cinco's Gran-Gran

    No they didn’t people!

    Breakfast… A mega bag of coco puffs, a mega bag of Apple Zapples, one gallon and a half of milk. Trying to keep eights kids quiet enough so the other adults in the house don’t have to get up at 0730 like I did. Spilled milk, itchy ant bite bumps, imaginary itchy bumps so Brandon could get some attention from Gran-Gran. A few runs around the house after breakfast because they can’t contain themselves in the house. Getting rowdy, loudy when the other adults get up. It was on!

    Now there are four of the five boys and Kyra playing a mega game of Halo (I don’t get the allure but there’s a hell of a lot of trash talking going on over there.) Fours screens on that thing, I am sooooooo confused. I don’t know what I’m looking at but many times, all of a sudden I hear OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! LOUD laughter and the passing around of the controller by the one that just “died”. Kyra now has a controller. TJ just yelled, “Good job Kyra!!!!!” I don’t know what she just did but it must have been spectacular because the grown-up watching called it a “kick ass move.” Alrighty then!

    Pictures to come.

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